4th Grade


If you are going into 4th grade I want you to know that 4th grade was so fun and enjoyable. My class and I learned so much. There were some struggles in 4th grade but everyone got through them. In 4th grade my class liked learning about math, science, and reading. My class also enjoyed some of the events we had. Some of the events were our revolutionary war book presentation, our kayaking trip and a visit to a colonial school. My whole class loved all of the events.

In 4th grade we study current events. You’re probably wondering what is a current event and how do you do it? Current event is a writing piece about an article that has a current date. To do a current event all you have to do is find a current article and write a summary about it. Most of our class had a great time writing and presenting our current events.

In 4th grade you have to do the reading, math and science State Test. For most people the state test was easy for them. For me it was a mix. Some problems were hard and some were easier than the others. If you are scared about the state test, don’t be because its not as hard as it seems.

4th grade was so thrilling and fun. My teacher was the nicest most caring teacher in the whole wide world. Thank you so much Mrs Assatly for teaching me all the stuff I didn’t know in the beginning of the year. To all the new 4th graders I hope you enjoy 4th grade.

Banana Plant Extract May Be The Key to Slower Melting Ice Cream

Title:  Banana Plant Extract May Be The Key to Slower Melting Ice Cream

Source: DogoNews

Author: Sowmya Kolluru

Date: May 27 2018

News tipe: world


Do you want to know something crazy? Scientists made up a ice cream that melts more slowly that what exists today. You’re probably wondering how they did that. The process for doing this is very complex, but basically they took parts of the banana plant and put it in the ice cream. They put small pieces of the “rachis” in the ice cream. (see picture bellow) 

If you are  wondering what it is like, researchers found that it is very thick and creamy. What the researchers did was very amazing because now if I get that ice Cream it won’t get all over me. I wonder what the food scientists will think of next maybe Candy that doesn’t give you cavities?