What is energy?

Energy is the ability to do work. This basically means that if we didn’t have energy we wouldn’t even be able to nod our heads! That’s why energy is important. There are two types of energy there is potential energy, and there is kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy which is like when you are riding up a roller Coster and before you get to the top of it. It’s when its going up. Once you get to the top it stops and turns into kinetic energy which is the energy of motion. Kinetic energy occurs when you are going down the big hill of the roller coaster. There are other types of energy but these are the most important ones.

4th Grade


If you are going into 4th grade I want you to know that 4th grade was so fun and enjoyable. My class and I learned so much. There were some struggles in 4th grade but everyone got through them. In 4th grade my class liked learning about math, science, and reading. My class also enjoyed some of the events we had. Some of the events were our revolutionary war book presentation, our kayaking trip and a visit to a colonial school. My whole class loved all of the events.

In 4th grade we study current events. You’re probably wondering what is a current event and how do you do it? Current event is a writing piece about an article that has a current date. To do a current event all you have to do is find a current article and write a summary about it. Most of our class had a great time writing and presenting our current events.

In 4th grade you have to do the reading, math and science State Test. For most people the state test was easy for them. For me it was a mix. Some problems were hard and some were easier than the others. If you are scared about the state test, don’t be because its not as hard as it seems.

4th grade was so thrilling and fun. My teacher was the nicest most caring teacher in the whole wide world. Thank you so much Mrs Assatly for teaching me all the stuff I didn’t know in the beginning of the year. To all the new 4th graders I hope you enjoy 4th grade.

Banana Plant Extract May Be The Key to Slower Melting Ice Cream

Title:  Banana Plant Extract May Be The Key to Slower Melting Ice Cream

Source: DogoNews

Author: Sowmya Kolluru

Date: May 27 2018

News tipe: world


Do you want to know something crazy? Scientists made up a ice cream that melts more slowly that what exists today. You’re probably wondering how they did that. The process for doing this is very complex, but basically they took parts of the banana plant and put it in the ice cream. They put small pieces of the “rachis” in the ice cream. (see picture bellow) 

If you are  wondering what it is like, researchers found that it is very thick and creamy. What the researchers did was very amazing because now if I get that ice Cream it won’t get all over me. I wonder what the food scientists will think of next maybe Candy that doesn’t give you cavities?


Super cool Fire Rainbow just appeared over California’s Pinnacle National Park.


Source: Dogonews

Author: Meera Dolasia

Article date: April 30th 2018

News tipe: World


Guess what? A couple days ago someone was walking and saw a “Fire Rainbow”. A Fire Rainbow is a very unique rainbow that looks like a very big and cool spiral. Fire Rainbows are very hard to find and are caused by light passing through clouds. They are also caused by moonlight.

If you think Fire Rainbows are easy to find you are wrong. Fire Rainbows are very rare and hard to find. Barely anyone finds them.

I think that Fire Rainbows are really cool and pretty. I hope that one day I will see one in real life, but that probably won’t happen. I guess I will settle on a picture for now!

Tweet: A super cool Fire Rainbow just appeared over California’s Pinnacle National Park.


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Current event earth day!

This year on Earth Day some amazing people did some amazing things for the environment by taking some of the garbage and plastic out of the ocean. They worked very hard and put in a lot of time and effort to remove plastic from the Ocean. At the same time, they did a very nice thing for their town.


A man named David Katz said, “The only way to stop ocean plastic is to reveal the value into the hands of collectors.” That’s what these amazing people did. The people helped a whole town in addition to the entire planet. They helped us by taking some of the pollution out of the water. They helped the town by making lights out of plastic. Isn’t that so cool. I think it is very cool.


These amazing people also made it easier for animals to survive by removing some dangerous straws that animals can swallow. I learned that when I get straws at  restaurants, the straw ultimately goes into the trash and then animals can get them. I wouldn’t recommend having another straw!


I think these people did a amazing thing. And of course, happy earth day!


My Friend Essay

Things My Friend And I Have In Common

Ari and I are “bftfs” which means best friends together forever. We have a lot in common. One thing we have in common is that we both have dogs. We also look exactly alike. Finally, we both love to bake.

Ari and I both have dogs and we love them. My dog’s name is Penny and her dog’s name is Sadie. A couple days ago Penny and Sadie had a playdate. That did not go so well. This is what happened. I brought Penny over for a playdate with Sadie at Ari’s house. Once I got there, I let go of her leash, and boom! It was just like the show Tom and Jerry! Penny chased Sadie around the entire house while Sadie hid under the chairs and couches. I think I know why Sadie was afraid of Penny. It was probably because Penny is more than three times larger than Sadie! When I got home, I got a text from Ari saying that Sadie would not come out from under the couch.

The next thing that we have in common is our looks. One time Ari and I were going to the library together. Mrs Schorr was checking out our books. She checked my book out as Ari, and checked Ari’s book out as me!  Another time at a birthday party, I went to say happy birthday to the birthday girl and she said, “thanks Ari” and then Ari said happy birthday to her and she replied, “thanks Cami”. I guess we really do look alike!

The last thing that Ari and I have in common is that we both love to bake. One time there was a very bad blizzard and I lost power at my house. I was lucky enough to stay at Ari’s house. Since we both love to bake, we made chocolate marshmallow brownies and chocolate chip cookies together. Ari’s mom made us include our younger siblings in the activity. Ari and I made the brownies, and my brother and her sister made the cookies. In the end they turned out very yummy.

Ari will be my “bftf” forever and ever and ever. We are like milk and cookies or peanut butter and jelly. We will be friends forever and nothing can stop it, not even an occasional fight.

Okay to Eat?

Title: Okay to Eat?

Source: time for kids

Date: March 16 2018

Author: Rebecca Mordechai

Newstype: World


Have you ever eaten off of the floor? Be honest I don’t judge. If you have its okay because 50% of adults and children have eaten off of the floor. Most people do the five second rule.

Scientist Donald Schaffner discovered that it is not wise to do the five second rule with wet food. You’re probably wondering why is it not wise. It is not wise because when you drop wet food the food picks up bacteria from the floor as soon as it falls. Donald Schaffner says “The wetter the food is the more bacteria it picks up

. A man named Anthony Hilton also studies the five second rule. Hilton says that dry food pics up less bacteria than wet food but still picks up a little of bacteria. He also found that carpeted floors pick up fewer bacteria than tile or wood floors.

If you drop food on the floor it is a wiser choice to leave it there but if you really want it then you can have it.

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Personal Essay – Cami


Sometimes in life you get stressed and  being stressed can be very hard. For example, I get stressed from a lot of things including homework,piano and siblings. There are way more stressing things but I am only going to tell you three.


The first reason is homework. Some people (like me) have after school activities. I have a whole schedule of activities, but don’t worry I will only tell you two. On Mondays I have piano and basketball. On Tuesdays I have this really boring activity called Musicianship. Musicianship is a class were you learn about music and the history of it. I have a whole nother schedule but i’m only going to share these with you.


Another reason why homework is stressing is that homework can sometimes be hard and when homework is hard I obviously ask for help but my parents only say, “I will help you later,” but then they never help me so then I ask my babysitter and she says, “I’m cooking,” but it was 5:00 and she starts making dinner at 5:45. So when I need help the last person to ask is my teddy bear but everyone knows teddy bears don’t help. So then im left alone, and that is stressing.


The next reason is siblings. Everyone knows siblings always get on your nerves and that is stressing one example that siblings are stressing is that one day I was doing my homework in my room very nicely and quietly. Two seconds later my brother walks in and starts playing loud and horrible music. I told my brother, “Please stop because you are making me stressed,” but of course he didn’t listen. He kept doing it until my grandma walked in. my grandma didn’t stop him instead she started asking me random questions like what books did you read today. I got so stressed that I yelled at both of them to leave my room.

One other example that siblings are stressing is that one day my brother decided to start drawing instead of watching his ipad. So then I said ok you can draw. Then I left him alone for a while because I needed some alone time. One  hour later I came downstairs and saw that my brother was still drawing so I looked over to see what he was drawing. I peeked over and guess what he was scribbling all over my homework that my tutor gave me. I was so mad at him. Two seconds later my brother tells my mom that I drew all over my homework. And that was a stressing day.


The last reason is piano. If you play the piano you know that you have to practice it every day which is so stressing. One time I was so tired because I had a sleepover that following night. So I asked my mom if I could skip my practice today. But of course she said no. so then I asked my dad and he said yes. So then my mom and dad talked for a while and they finally decided that the answer was no and that was a very stressing night. My piano teacher is super sad,strict and gloomy. So one day she gave me a song called Melody of Spring and my the title I was so excited because my piano teacher never gives me happy songs. So I started playing the song and it was the saddest song I have ever heard in my entire life. And that was a stressing day.


Being stressed can be very hard through homework,piano and especially siblings, but sometimes you just have to work through it.