Learn to Code: Commands

Computer Technology blog #4 This is what I am working on right now: here are the commands: moveForward() moveForward() moveForward() turnLeft() moveForward() moveForward() toggleSwitch() moveForward() moveForward() turnLeft() moveForward() moveForward() collectGem() —————————————————————- I also attempted to draw the commands on sketchbook  

Music Video

Computer Technology blog #3 We finished another project called “ Music video” . In this project we created a music video. I thought this was so fun. I coded my backgrounds to change every second, and my sprites to changes costumes, to make it look like they were dancing. this is a picture of what […]

Code Stars

Computer Technology blog #3 Today we watched a video about coding. The video shared the love of coding and described it in a beautiful way. It said that it makes you feel good. This video inspires me to love and try my hardest to learn code. The most surprising part of the video was how […]

About me

Computer  Technology  blog #1 We did a project on scratch, that breaks the ice. It is called “About me” I never used scratch before, but this project was really fun. I liked creating my character, and customizing my background and the costumes. I also liked expressing myself in a cartoon. This is a picture of […]

Passion Projects week #4

PROTOTYPE I decided I wanted to make homemade fettuccine with homemade Alfredo sauce. I chose to make this because this is one of my favorite pastas. Today is Thanksgiving and I made it… It was really good and the rest of my family members thought so as well. Making Fettuccine with Alfredo Sauce Here is […]

My Experience

I loved Technology. I liked the projects, what we learned, and the teacher. My favorite part about Technology was that we got to make things with our own hands(with some help from tools). This made me feel good about what I made. My favorite project we did in Technology was when we made flashlights. I […]

Wrapping it up

I completed the exterior of the flashlight last week. This week I made the interior of the flashlight (the circuit) and decorated. To make the switch, I clipped wires according to my blue print. Then I  used the soldering station to solder the meters together. I attached a battery holder and an on and off switch. […]