I love the ocean

To me the ocean is a big playground.The surroundings are the swings, swimmingare the monkey bars,and making pools are the slides. They are each  fun in their own way.Do you leave the playground happy? I do, as well as the ocean. I leave the beach happy is because of the beautiful surroundings, the variety of things to do, and most of all because I love making the pools at high tide.

The first reason that I leave the beach happy is because I love the surroundings.I was at the beach and was in trouble.My parents were mad at me.’’Caterina you have to  sit in a chair for 10 minutes’’ So I did.I looked around and just then I noticed how peaceful the ocean is.The waves crashing,the animals and plants,and even searching for the other side of the ocean.I sunk my feet in the soft sand and relaxed.’’Caterina your 10 minutes are done’’But I stayed put.Thinking how peaceful the ocean is.

Nnedi Okorafor said’’I go to the ocean to calm down, to reconnect with the creator, or to just be happy.’’       Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/ocean

 Sometimes I think it is not fair I can only enjoy the beach in the summer or late spring-’Caterina what are you doing’’said my sister in an annoying voice.She was not looking at my face she was looking at my hands.I looked at my handsI was holding a box,dead crabs pooled in vinegar, and some gold seashells.‘’I am going to make a mini beach’’I replied‘’Without water’’she added as she climbed out the car. I dumped the sand in the box,then added the shells and some dead crabs pooled in vinegar.‘’Why should I only enjoy the ocean in the summer and spring.’’I thought The surroundings include plants and shells,the surroundings include animals,and the surroundings include the water.Somtimes I like the sound of water ribging threw my ears. https://youtu.be/qREKP9oijWI?t=133


The second reason I leave the beach happy is because there is a variety of things to do. FACTA daily visit to the beach for my family is 5 to 6 hours so there has to be something to do.  My family and I finally reached the beach. I skipped across the sand to the ocean and crashed into a sign. My siblings helped me up and asked what the sign wrote.’Sorry swimmers but the ocean is closed,there are jellyfish.’’I said. I brushed off, and went to go make sandcastles.My siblings followed. My siblings and I finished making a sand castle city. But then a foot stomped on our city. I looked higher to see that it was a round child. He was about 10 when I was 5. I shivered. He joined his friends and together they walked away laughing.When we tried to make our city again. But they came. The horrible laughing was ringing in my ears. I was starting to lose my patience but I saw a big tear rolling down my brother’s cheak. That was it.I took my siblings to look at the beach and they enjoyed the view. Sometimes you just got to have a lot of tools in you belt for one situation’’I thought. I have the sand,  I have the water, but most of all I have the surroundings.To have step by step instructions to make different sandcastles click the link below.https://www.fatherly.com/play/show-your-kids-how-to-be-king-of-the-sandcastle/

  When I was younger I did not swim, I did not make castles with sand, and I  did not look at life. The whole time I was at the beach I played in the playground.But one day…My father said’’Children you can not play in the playground anymore, figure out something else to to do.’’What am I going to.’’I complained in my head.I was always at the playground that I did not know what else to do. I was always making friends in the playground, but now I can’t see them.I said bye to my friends and left. But one of my friends followed me. We laughed and made castles.’’Maybe I don’t need the playground.’’I thought. Although I come back from the beach happy because of the surroundings and the variety of things to do I mostly come back from the beach happy because I make pools in the high tide.

 It was high tide, I could see the wrinkles in the sand. I helped my parents stick the umbrella in the sand. Then my father said we could play.‘’After I play with the sand do you want to take a walk with me?’’My sister said.‘’Sure’’I replied So my sister went to go make castles.I saw my sisters flip-flops in the sand knowing she does not walk barefoot.I took her shoes and dug a hole.Instantly there was water in the hole.’’I did not pour water in that hole, I just dug it.’’I said.I dug another small hole in the sand there was water once again.I rubbed my eyes in disbelief.I put my sister’s shoes back in its place and took my shovel and dug the biggest hole I ever made.I dipped my foot in the water and noticed it was warm.I dipped my whole body in the water and kicked back and relaxed.’’This is the life’’I said.My siblings and I made a pretty pool.We decided that we should make a ramp so that all the ocean water would come in whenever the wave comes.This pool was so big we each had our own sections.But then two, ten year old kids came and asked if they could play.I hesitated thinking they were strangers. We were the ones who made the pool and now they wanted to come.Then my sister said ‘’sure’’. They came in and our space was limited.But then they started telling jokes and playing with us they wanted a friend.‘’Maybe this is not so bad’’ I thought.Then I started laughing at the joke my new friend had told me. Ryunosuke Satoro said ‘’Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.’’  https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/ryunosuke_satoro

I go to the beach to be happy.I leave the beach happy because of the surroundings, there is a variety of things to do, and most of all because I love making pools.Go to the beach give it a try. I is not as bad as it looks.

Food For Thought

Title Food For Thought

SourceTime For Kids

Article Date-February 23 2018


    In the article Food For Thought by Gregg Segal,found in Time For Kids on February 23 2018. 

Gregg talks about his new project he is traveling around to see what children are eating.   He comes to a small hut in Mumbai India where a family sits down to eat dinner they eat a healthy dinner that includes potatoes simmered in curry,flatbread, and lentils.This family eats more healthy than families that can afford to eat out, this is because fast food companies including Mcdonald’s,Wendy’s,or Burger King.For 2 years Gregg has traveled around the world.He asks kids to write everything they ate for a week in a book.Then he found the food they ate in a supermarket and took a picture of the child next to the food they ate.

’’I am focusing on kids because eating habits form when we are young .These habits often pave their way to chronic health problems.’’ Gregg says.

Forty years ago, one out of 40 children were over whieght .On February 23 2018,10 out of 40 children are.Gregg is writing a book called Daily Bread. He hopes this book will inspire change.

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Chinese New Year

The story of the Chinese New Year animals

A long time ago there was a race for the animals.12 brave animals were challenged to cross a river.The race was for the animals to have a year called after themselves.Every animal wanted this prize but only 12 got to go the animals were the Cat, Ox,  Tiger,  Rabbit,  Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and the Pig.At that time the cat and the rat were friends.The cat would train for the event every day.Day after day he would grow out of his fear a bit.When the day came he was ready.He asked the cat if the mouse could wake him up before the race.The rat said yes but his mind was elsewhere.The rat wanted to be in the race although he was not a good swimmer he still wanted to be an honorable animal.It was the morning and the cat was still asleep, and the race was about to start so the rat went to the competition…

1,2,3 go SPLASH the all the animals dived in,the rat just stood there he knew he made a mistake he saw the ox, he was so fast and so strong he was ahead of everyone.That gave the rat an idea. 1,2,3 he took the biggest jump of his life and he landed on the ox.

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The bull was swimming to shore when the rat jumped right in front of him.He was the first one to cross followed by the bull.

Just then the cat woke up and figured out he has missed the composition.He went to the river and found out his own friend betrayed him. After that day the cat and the rat were enemies.结束-Means The End in Chinese

The animals order that they finished – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and lastly the Pig.

I read this story from a book and summarized 

Related image

There are many story’s about this animal race,but I choose this one.Watch this video of another Chinese race.

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Rare Snow Day

I found an article on Dogonews.com and summarized an article written by  Meera Dolasia . To see other articles by Meera Dolasia click the link bellow


In America we have enjoyed many ‘’snow days’’ but kids in Oymyakon village In Siberia,Russia are not as lucky. Although they live in the ‘’coldest inhabited place on earth, that down Main school only closes when the temperature dropped below -61.6 degrees Fahrenheit

( -52 degrees Celsius) On Tuesday January 16th 2018 temperatures force lawmakers of the community to announce a rare snow day.The temperature was -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit

( -62 degrees Celsius)Oymyakons  recently install a digital Thermometer that recorded and even colder temperature -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-59 degrees Celsius) it was so cold that their mom broke from promtly after giving the temperature. but reports from residents indicated an even lower -88 degrees Fahrenheit ( -66.7 Celsius). Just a hair away from the record-breaking -88.9 degrees Fahrenheit ( -66.7  degrees Celsius) Experienced on February 1933.While Oymyakon is cold it is not the coldest place on Earth that title belongs to Antarctica, Which paste on NASA satellite dip to -138.46 degrees Fahrenheit ( -94.7 degrees Celsius) happend in 2013!


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Reading with 4-B

 In my school we are mostly working  on reading. Mr.DeBerry comes to our school and talks about how to summarize what we learned,To get connected with are topic,and how to read nonfiction intensely.We were assigned to read every night for 40 minutes,to make sure we were reading our teacher handed out a reading log.To fill out with our daily reading.


The following day Mrs.Berger’s class came to our classroom.Our room was really crowded.At my table in class there are 6 kids and that was already enough.But when Mrs.Burgers class came and there were 9 to 10 kids.I couldn’t even get up to blow my nose.I made a rule to myself that, I will go to the bathroom before all the lessons.

 We used a book to help

Image result for Everything weather

In the lessons we learned…

                      How to summarize the text                             

                         -Take chunks of text

                         -Write the title and the author( In the book …………by …………..)

                         -Read a page then summarize


                      How to know if the cite/book is credible  

                                               Ask  yourself

                             -Who wrote this?

                             -What company published it?     

                             -When was it published?

                             -Are there opinions?

Mrs.Berger’s class came in and Mr.DeBerry told us that we will be working together for reading we were assigned a group to study hurricanes.My group was Nico,Jake,Arielle,and Meera (all In 4-A) Serrena,Sofie,Natalie,and Stevie (all in 4-B).After we were experts in hurricanes we studied tornadoes.Again I had the same group.We asked spark questions that related to our topic.With these spark questions we found other questions related.We watched a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYcBiEX9p6w We worked well together but some kids were crying because their slides have been deleted they thought they were deleted on purpose.I think sometimes the slides were deleted on purpose.


  To see what my classmates thought about this reading setion click the link below


Guess What? Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces!

In my class we have current events.We mostly get our information from

Ever day a  kid in my class goes online for homework,finds an article ,and then writes a summary.Then when They are done with the summery they write a personal response.They write a little peek of our current event and then post it on twitter for the world to see.Today was my current event,This is what I wrote;


In the passage Dakasha Morijari  states that the sheep can recognize human faces mostly the talent was believed to belong to more ‘’intelligent’’ animals such as humans, monkeys, Apes, dogs, and horses but turns out that’s wrong. Jennifer Morton who led the study says ‘’The team picked sheep because the social animals communicate with each other in a number of different ways one of them they suspected was a facial recognition.”The 4 randomly selected celebrities to test the sheeps abilities- Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, British television show journalist Fiona Bruce,and former US President Barack Obama. Researchers picked famous people for the experiment because it was easy to find many pictures taken from different angles.

The 8 sheep were collected from the University flock.They were trained for the task with help from two computer screens. One with the celebrity photo and  the other a black screen or random object. Anytime it touched the correct picture with his nose,It would get a treat if not allowed buzzer and no treat.After they were familiar with the four celebrities they were put to the test. Now both screens had a person. One a star and the other random. The job was to find the star. The sheep were correct 75% of the time. Impressive, but that was not enough to say the animals actually recognize the faces because they might have guessed.So this time the photos were taken from an angle so their faces were tilted.The success rate was 66%. But it was enough to prove the Sheep’s abilities.

While  knowing that the Sheep don’t blindly see humans is enlightening, there is a much more important purpose for Morton study. The 4 hope that understanding how the Sheep’s brain work will give them information about Huntington’s disease. People suffering from this rare, but incurable the affection; having a hard time recognizing faces. Morton plans to take a flock of sheep from Australia that hold Huntington’s disease. the researcher believes if they find a cure for the Sheep they will soon find one for humans.The big question is can humans tell sheep apart? 

Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces From Photographs Video    

Info from

Dogo News 

Article;Guess What? Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces!

By Daksha Morjaria on December 2, 2017


















The important book about Giovanni Da Verrazzano

The important thing about Giovanni da Verrazzano Is that he proved Florida all the way to Newfoundland was one new continent.Giovanni da Verrazzano was born in Italy, but he sailed under the authority of Francis I of France . He was born in 1483 .His most famous  voyage happened in 1524.


He came from a respected family and was well-educated.When he was a young man he moved to France and became a sailor.His early voyages were on merchant ships along the  Mediterranean coast.After hard work he earned a reputation as an excellent navigator.Francis gave Verrazzano permission to explore the new world as a representative of the french crown.In January 17,1524 he set sail from Dieppe,France.His brother Gerolamo was a cartographer.(mapmaker) He was a crew member.On his final voyage he was eaten by cannibal natives in 1528, but the important thing about Giovanni da Verrazzano Is that he proved Florida all the way to Newfoundland was one new continent.


Fact CiteVerrazzano, Giovanni da..” U.S. and World Biography Online. Lincoln Library Press, 2017. FactCite, www.factcite.com/biographies/3017407.html.

World Book Delpar, Helen. “Verrazzano, Giovanni da.” World Book Student, World Book, 2017, www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar583685. Accessed 17 Nov. 2017.