Guess What? Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces!

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In the passage Dakasha Morijari  states that the sheep can recognize human faces mostly the talent was believed to belong to more ‘’intelligent’’ animals such as humans, monkeys, Apes, dogs, and horses but turns out that’s wrong. Jennifer Morton who led the study says ‘’The team picked sheep because the social animals communicate with each other in a number of different ways one of them they suspected was a facial recognition.”The 4 randomly selected celebrities to test the sheeps abilities- Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, British television show journalist Fiona Bruce,and former US President Barack Obama. Researchers picked famous people for the experiment because it was easy to find many pictures taken from different angles.

The 8 sheep were collected from the University flock.They were trained for the task with help from two computer screens. One with the celebrity photo and  the other a black screen or random object. Anytime it touched the correct picture with his nose,It would get a treat if not allowed buzzer and no treat.After they were familiar with the four celebrities they were put to the test. Now both screens had a person. One a star and the other random. The job was to find the star. The sheep were correct 75% of the time. Impressive, but that was not enough to say the animals actually recognize the faces because they might have guessed.So this time the photos were taken from an angle so their faces were tilted.The success rate was 66%. But it was enough to prove the Sheep’s abilities.

While  knowing that the Sheep don’t blindly see humans is enlightening, there is a much more important purpose for Morton study. The 4 hope that understanding how the Sheep’s brain work will give them information about Huntington’s disease. People suffering from this rare, but incurable the affection; having a hard time recognizing faces. Morton plans to take a flock of sheep from Australia that hold Huntington’s disease. the researcher believes if they find a cure for the Sheep they will soon find one for humans.The big question is can humans tell sheep apart? 

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Article;Guess What? Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces!

By Daksha Morjaria on December 2, 2017