Chinese New Year

The story of the Chinese New Year animals

A long time ago there was a race for the animals.12 brave animals were challenged to cross a river.The race was for the animals to have a year called after themselves.Every animal wanted this prize but only 12 got to go the animals were the Cat, Ox,  Tiger,  Rabbit,  Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and the Pig.At that time the cat and the rat were friends.The cat would train for the event every day.Day after day he would grow out of his fear a bit.When the day came he was ready.He asked the cat if the mouse could wake him up before the race.The rat said yes but his mind was elsewhere.The rat wanted to be in the race although he was not a good swimmer he still wanted to be an honorable animal.It was the morning and the cat was still asleep, and the race was about to start so the rat went to the competition…

1,2,3 go SPLASH the all the animals dived in,the rat just stood there he knew he made a mistake he saw the ox, he was so fast and so strong he was ahead of everyone.That gave the rat an idea. 1,2,3 he took the biggest jump of his life and he landed on the ox.

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The bull was swimming to shore when the rat jumped right in front of him.He was the first one to cross followed by the bull.

Just then the cat woke up and figured out he has missed the composition.He went to the river and found out his own friend betrayed him. After that day the cat and the rat were enemies.结束-Means The End in Chinese

The animals order that they finished – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and lastly the Pig.

I read this story from a book and summarized 

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There are many story’s about this animal race,but I choose this one.Watch this video of another Chinese race.

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Rare Snow Day

I found an article on and summarized an article written by  Meera Dolasia . To see other articles by Meera Dolasia click the link bellow

In America we have enjoyed many ‘’snow days’’ but kids in Oymyakon village In Siberia,Russia are not as lucky. Although they live in the ‘’coldest inhabited place on earth, that down Main school only closes when the temperature dropped below -61.6 degrees Fahrenheit

( -52 degrees Celsius) On Tuesday January 16th 2018 temperatures force lawmakers of the community to announce a rare snow day.The temperature was -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit

( -62 degrees Celsius)Oymyakons  recently install a digital Thermometer that recorded and even colder temperature -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-59 degrees Celsius) it was so cold that their mom broke from promtly after giving the temperature. but reports from residents indicated an even lower -88 degrees Fahrenheit ( -66.7 Celsius). Just a hair away from the record-breaking -88.9 degrees Fahrenheit ( -66.7  degrees Celsius) Experienced on February 1933.While Oymyakon is cold it is not the coldest place on Earth that title belongs to Antarctica, Which paste on NASA satellite dip to -138.46 degrees Fahrenheit ( -94.7 degrees Celsius) happend in 2013!


To learn more watch the video below



Reading with 4-B

 In my school we are mostly working  on reading. Mr.DeBerry comes to our school and talks about how to summarize what we learned,To get connected with are topic,and how to read nonfiction intensely.We were assigned to read every night for 40 minutes,to make sure we were reading our teacher handed out a reading log.To fill out with our daily reading.


The following day Mrs.Berger’s class came to our classroom.Our room was really crowded.At my table in class there are 6 kids and that was already enough.But when Mrs.Burgers class came and there were 9 to 10 kids.I couldn’t even get up to blow my nose.I made a rule to myself that, I will go to the bathroom before all the lessons.

 We used a book to help

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In the lessons we learned…

                      How to summarize the text                             

                         -Take chunks of text

                         -Write the title and the author( In the book …………by …………..)

                         -Read a page then summarize


                      How to know if the cite/book is credible  

                                               Ask  yourself

                             -Who wrote this?

                             -What company published it?     

                             -When was it published?

                             -Are there opinions?

Mrs.Berger’s class came in and Mr.DeBerry told us that we will be working together for reading we were assigned a group to study hurricanes.My group was Nico,Jake,Arielle,and Meera (all In 4-A) Serrena,Sofie,Natalie,and Stevie (all in 4-B).After we were experts in hurricanes we studied tornadoes.Again I had the same group.We asked spark questions that related to our topic.With these spark questions we found other questions related.We watched a video. We worked well together but some kids were crying because their slides have been deleted they thought they were deleted on purpose.I think sometimes the slides were deleted on purpose.


  To see what my classmates thought about this reading setion click the link below