A Clean Planet

Article title Earth Day 2018 Is Dedicated To Reducing Plastic Litter And Pollution

By Kim Bussing on April 17, 2018

Article found on Dogo News


  In the article ‘’Earth Day 2018 Is Dedicated To Reducing Plastic Litter And Pollution’’ by Kim Bussing the main idea is how many people work together and pick up trash and plastic to stop pollution.

More than a billion people from around the world picked up trash in their country.There were 195 countries that took part of this’’clean up’’

People thought of ways we could reuse all this plasic.One of them was making light bulbs out of plastic Poland Spring water bottles.There are 1.5 billion people in the world who don’t have electricity.So they gave these’’light bulbs’’to people without electricity. This helps because we get rid of plastic and we make something useful for other people.

  A boy named Boyan Slat had a dream to clean this planet since he was 16.In 2013 when he was 18 he dropped out of college to clean-up.He raised $22 million to help fund his project.You can help make this planet green by turning of the faucet,walking instead of driving,making sure you throw things in the recycle, the trash and the compost.

I think we should all work together to make this place green and beautiful once more.You can help make this planet green by turning of the faucet,walking instead of driving,making sure you throw things in the recycle, the trash and the compost.


”Pie” by Sarah Weeks

In the book PIE by Sarah Weeks,I like how Sarah Weeks showed how good the pies were, instead of saying she put the crust on the pie and there were other pies she wrote ‘’with golden top crusts spread like quilts over the sweet warm fillings,and cream pies galore-chocolate,coconut and banana.And instead of writing Alice felt good she wrote ‘’Alice felt all warm and gooey inside,like one of her Aunt Polly’s pies.’’ She wanted to stay there in the pie shop forever.’’ I like how she wrote a comparison of a pie and Alice’s feelings.


The lesson of the story is that you should always be happy about your gift.In the story Alice had a talent at making songs and having an active imagination but her mom was not happy of her own daughter’s talent so Alice tried not to sing or use her imagination.She became sick.And Ruth wanted to have the talent of making pies she did not take that she had the talent of having the voice of an angel.Because of that she turned selfish and she did not love her daughter but then she changed and Ruth and Alice started to have a connection together as they made a commercial Alice made up the song and Ruth sang the song Alice made.


This story is like Tiger risin. It starts with no connection with their  parents[ as Alice’s mom did not have a strong connection with Alice  and Rob did not have a strong connection with his dad .Charlie in Pie in first chapters sounded mean and dumb with dirty fingernails and Sistine in Tiger rising sounded mean and nasty because she sticked her tongue out at Rob.But it turns out they become quite important in the book.


The Bridal Shower

 I had a great spring break but the best part so far was on April 7 2018 when I was invited to a Bridal Shower…

The Bridal Shower was hosted at a restaurant called Hudson Social.The groom’s mom made soap and cake pops for all the guests. The soap smelled of lavender and lemon.On the soap it said ”From Stephane’s shower to yours”.

The cake pops had red velvet and cream cheese inside. 

We played a game.There was a piece of paper with sentences, and you had to figure out who said it the groom or the bride. The questions included ”I am a better driver.” and ”I am love music more” I did not understand the game but I knew the groom and bride really well, so I got 4th place. The prizes were shampain instead I got bubbles.

The most fun game was we had to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper. I was paired with my mom,my sister Amie, and a young woman.My mom did not help.My sister was the model and the future bride was the judge.

We got third place.

Amie and I took many pictures with the future bride

Hope you had a fun day like I did.

My April fool’s easter

I was eating some toast…

”Mama my braces broke” I said. My mom rushed over, asking what had happened.” I was just eating some toast.”I said.                      ”Are you okay” My mom said.                                                                                                                                                                                          ”April fools” I said.                                                                                                                                                                                                            ” Caterina, it is Easter not April fools.”My sister said                                                                                                                                                  ”No it is both” I said…

At 10:00 my family watched an old movie about Jesus.(Jesus Christ Superstar)

After we finished the movie we had an Italian meal.(Pasta with Pesto)

Then we went outside and had an Easter Egg hunt. In the eggs, there were no chocolate instead there were random letters. My mom did not want food in the eggs because if we could not find them we would attract rodents. If we found an egg with a vowel, we would get a piece of chocolate. With all the letters we could spell words. With the words we could get a chocolate bunny. I had to make a word with nine letters or more because I am nine. I made the words Nutrition and Intersecting. I got two chocolate bunnies but I gave a bunny too my sister because she did not make an eight letter-word. Dylan found a six-letter word(father)

We had a family diner, then we read a story all together