The Bridal Shower

 I had a great spring break but the best part so far was on April 7 2018 when I was invited to a Bridal Shower…

The Bridal Shower was hosted at a restaurant called Hudson Social.The groom’s mom made soap and cake pops for all the guests. The soap smelled of lavender and lemon.On the soap it said ”From Stephane’s shower to yours”.

The cake pops had red velvet and cream cheese inside. 

We played a game.There was a piece of paper with sentences, and you had to figure out who said it the groom or the bride. The questions included ”I am a better driver.” and ”I am love music more” I did not understand the game but I knew the groom and bride really well, so I got 4th place. The prizes were shampain instead I got bubbles.

The most fun game was we had to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper. I was paired with my mom,my sister Amie, and a young woman.My mom did not help.My sister was the model and the future bride was the judge.

We got third place.

Amie and I took many pictures with the future bride

Hope you had a fun day like I did.

One thought on “The Bridal Shower

  1. Dear Caterina,
    I liked your blog post because you mentioned every thing that happened.
    I also liked your post because it was organized and had a lot of pictures.
    (why did you have to post me covered in toilet paper)he he

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