4 thoughts on “Limners in the 1700’s

  1. dear Caterina,

    I like how you explained that what the limmer did and also i like how you said that the job was not so important. I also like how you did your transitions for different pictures.


  2. Dear Caterina,

    I really liked your green screen. You gave a ton of detail, and you told the tools you used. if i did not tell us the tools you used, we would not know what it was like to be a limner. So that is great that you told us that. great job. Keep up the good work.

    From : Heather

  3. Dear Caterina,
    I think you did a great job with putting text. It really gave me a better sense of what the pictures were.
    From, Nico

  4. Great job caterina I liked the words you chose and you spoke in clear tone so I could really understand what you were saying.
    In my opinion (and maybe not just mine) I think you did everything really well.

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