Hawaiian Volcano Eruption

Article title- In Hawaii, Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava and Gases Near Homes

In the article the authors explain a volcano called Kilauea eruption happens in Hawaii.Before the eruption many small earthquakes occurred.One earthquakes was more powerful the”magnitude of ” 6.9 hit at 12:33.(hawaii time).  Magnitude-the great size or extent of something.

The earthquake set off rockslides and forced people to evacuate the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.About 2,600 people had to evacuate.

Officials said no people have been reported death or injuries.But on Friday, May 5 two homes where surrounded by lava and officials  where warning off gasses.

Dr. Mandeville said that there was an increase of earthquakes which meant more eruptions.It’s far from over,” Dr. Mandeville said in an earlier interview.

By 8 a.m. (in Hawaii), cracks were still gushing sulfur dioxide gas and hydrogen sulfide but the lava flows had not gone far.This happens because when a volcano erupts gases like;sulfur dioxide gas and hydrogen sulfide.

Hawaiian people saying what they think about the eruption-  

Chris Elliott Rodrigues-“I’ve been watching what’s going on, the sulfur smell at my place was so strong.” 

Mr. Rodrigues-“I hope the lava activity keeps up,I want to go back to work.”

Maddy Welch-“I woke up around 1:30 in the morning to earthquakes,My mom didn’t want to leave. I told her there are two vehicles leaving this driveway — I hope you’ll be in one of them because we can’t come back.”

On Thursday,May 4 evening lava spilled from the crack in the volcano for about an hour and a half. 

Personal Response-

My current event was due on Friday,March 5.I started doing it one Wednesday,but when I got the stomach bug and threw up I realized I won’t have school on friday.When I got better I decided to find a better article.I was having trouble,but then my family had dinner with a girl from Hawaii.She told us that there was an eruption and I was immediately drawn to this article…      

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  1. Dear Caterina,
    My dad told me about the volcano on saturday about the volcano. I think that it is good that no one was hurt. I like how you used a video.

  2. Dear Caterina,
    You did a great job with your current event. You chose a cool article. I also think is cool that a volcano erupted recently. If I was in this situation, I would choose safety over my house.
    From, Shea

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    You did a great job, on your article. I really liked your article and I really liked it! I can not wait to read your next current event. Great job!

    – Heather

  4. Dear Caterina,
    I think that volcanoes are cool, but can be dangerous. I agree that this article is cool.
    from Jake

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