Lulu the Rhino

Article title-Lulu: The Rhino That Raises Awareness

Author-Nolan Pastore

Article date-May 31 2018

Posted on –Scholastic News


In the article Nolan Pastore describes how this rhino is a celebrity. He was born on February 7  2018 at  the Cleveland Metro parks Zoo in Ohio. He is a rhino and they are an endangered species. In the past decade the population decreases by 40%. Because of the rhinos horns and their lost of habitat there are only about 750 in the wild in the African country of Kenya. He is a Eastern Black Rhino. There are only 48 such rhinos located in North American zoos.

Born fist in 2018

Four calves where born in 2017 and Lulu was the first in 2018.“Lulu is just over three months old and already weighs approximately 300 pounds,” says animal keeper Claire Winkler. “Although she is sweet and curious, she often stays close to her mother, Kibibbi.”

This Rhino is a celeberty

      The baby rhino  is a hit at the zoo ” “Lulu is a celebrity here at the zoo,” says Jeffrey Tolman. “This rhino calf is just so amazing to have here. She makes people aware of the major problem that these rhinos are facing.” That is important because now people are concerned about rhinos, and how they are diapering.

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