Hawaiian Volcano Eruption

Article title- In Hawaii, Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava and Gases Near Homes

In the article the authors explain a volcano called Kilauea eruption happens in Hawaii.Before the eruption many small earthquakes occurred.One earthquakes was more powerful the”magnitude of ” 6.9 hit at 12:33.(hawaii time).  Magnitude-the great size or extent of something.

The earthquake set off rockslides and forced people to evacuate the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.About 2,600 people had to evacuate.

Officials said no people have been reported death or injuries.But on Friday, May 5 two homes where surrounded by lava and officials  where warning off gasses.

Dr. Mandeville said that there was an increase of earthquakes which meant more eruptions.It’s far from over,” Dr. Mandeville said in an earlier interview.

By 8 a.m. (in Hawaii), cracks were still gushing sulfur dioxide gas and hydrogen sulfide but the lava flows had not gone far.This happens because when a volcano erupts gases like;sulfur dioxide gas and hydrogen sulfide.

Hawaiian people saying what they think about the eruption-  

Chris Elliott Rodrigues-“I’ve been watching what’s going on, the sulfur smell at my place was so strong.” 

Mr. Rodrigues-“I hope the lava activity keeps up,I want to go back to work.”

Maddy Welch-“I woke up around 1:30 in the morning to earthquakes,My mom didn’t want to leave. I told her there are two vehicles leaving this driveway — I hope you’ll be in one of them because we can’t come back.”

On Thursday,May 4 evening lava spilled from the crack in the volcano for about an hour and a half. 

Personal Response-

My current event was due on Friday,March 5.I started doing it one Wednesday,but when I got the stomach bug and threw up I realized I won’t have school on friday.When I got better I decided to find a better article.I was having trouble,but then my family had dinner with a girl from Hawaii.She told us that there was an eruption and I was immediately drawn to this article…      

A Clean Planet

Article title Earth Day 2018 Is Dedicated To Reducing Plastic Litter And Pollution

By Kim Bussing on April 17, 2018

Article found on Dogo News


  In the article ‘’Earth Day 2018 Is Dedicated To Reducing Plastic Litter And Pollution’’ by Kim Bussing the main idea is how many people work together and pick up trash and plastic to stop pollution.

More than a billion people from around the world picked up trash in their country.There were 195 countries that took part of this’’clean up’’

People thought of ways we could reuse all this plasic.One of them was making light bulbs out of plastic Poland Spring water bottles.There are 1.5 billion people in the world who don’t have electricity.So they gave these’’light bulbs’’to people without electricity. This helps because we get rid of plastic and we make something useful for other people.

  A boy named Boyan Slat had a dream to clean this planet since he was 16.In 2013 when he was 18 he dropped out of college to clean-up.He raised $22 million to help fund his project.You can help make this planet green by turning of the faucet,walking instead of driving,making sure you throw things in the recycle, the trash and the compost.

I think we should all work together to make this place green and beautiful once more.You can help make this planet green by turning of the faucet,walking instead of driving,making sure you throw things in the recycle, the trash and the compost.


Stephen Hawking

Title- Legendary British Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies At 76

Source-Dogo News

Artice date-March 19, 2018

Authour-Kim Bussing 

  In the article, Kim Bussing explains how important Stephen Hawking was to this world. Stephen Halking was born in Oxford, England on January 8, 1942.  And  died on March 14, 2018. He has been battling ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) since he was 21.  ASL affected   his muscles. He could not move his body or talk.                                                                                                                               He went places in a wheelchair and a computer said what he wanted to say. The only complain he had was that the computer would give an American accent. His doctors  said he will die in a couple years. So he tried to find answers to help other people. Stephen  had an amazing imagination. He thought of questions nobody could think of. He asked ”Can anything escape from a black hole?”                                                                                         

He found the answer-energy        

Below his is equation…                                                                                 


He learned that after a long time energy can escape the prison. He says “Black holes ain’t so black: they glow.”  Another question in 2015 was if aliens exist. He used high tec computers to see if there was any life.                                    “Somewhere in the cosmos, perhaps, intelligent life may be watching these lights of ours aware of what they mean,” Hawking said. “Or do our lights wander a lifeless cosmos, unseen beacons announcing that here on our rock, the universe discovered its existence?”                                                                                                                                                                  He was named a permanent member of the Pontifical Academy of Science.

    I think Stephen Hawkings is optimistic because he wasn’t giving up when the doctors said he would rest instead he wanted to find answers to his questions. I think this will change people’s thinking. You should always have hope.  I will miss him.

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Food For Thought

Title Food For Thought

SourceTime For Kids

Article Date-February 23 2018


    In the article Food For Thought by Gregg Segal,found in Time For Kids on February 23 2018. 

Gregg talks about his new project he is traveling around to see what children are eating.   He comes to a small hut in Mumbai India where a family sits down to eat dinner they eat a healthy dinner that includes potatoes simmered in curry,flatbread, and lentils.This family eats more healthy than families that can afford to eat out, this is because fast food companies including Mcdonald’s,Wendy’s,or Burger King.For 2 years Gregg has traveled around the world.He asks kids to write everything they ate for a week in a book.Then he found the food they ate in a supermarket and took a picture of the child next to the food they ate.

’’I am focusing on kids because eating habits form when we are young .These habits often pave their way to chronic health problems.’’ Gregg says.

Forty years ago, one out of 40 children were over whieght .On February 23 2018,10 out of 40 children are.Gregg is writing a book called Daily Bread. He hopes this book will inspire change.

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Rare Snow Day

I found an article on Dogonews.com and summarized an article written by  Meera Dolasia . To see other articles by Meera Dolasia click the link bellow


In America we have enjoyed many ‘’snow days’’ but kids in Oymyakon village In Siberia,Russia are not as lucky. Although they live in the ‘’coldest inhabited place on earth, that down Main school only closes when the temperature dropped below -61.6 degrees Fahrenheit

( -52 degrees Celsius) On Tuesday January 16th 2018 temperatures force lawmakers of the community to announce a rare snow day.The temperature was -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit

( -62 degrees Celsius)Oymyakons  recently install a digital Thermometer that recorded and even colder temperature -74.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-59 degrees Celsius) it was so cold that their mom broke from promtly after giving the temperature. but reports from residents indicated an even lower -88 degrees Fahrenheit ( -66.7 Celsius). Just a hair away from the record-breaking -88.9 degrees Fahrenheit ( -66.7  degrees Celsius) Experienced on February 1933.While Oymyakon is cold it is not the coldest place on Earth that title belongs to Antarctica, Which paste on NASA satellite dip to -138.46 degrees Fahrenheit ( -94.7 degrees Celsius) happend in 2013!


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Guess What? Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces!

In my class we have current events.We mostly get our information from

Ever day a  kid in my class goes online for homework,finds an article ,and then writes a summary.Then when They are done with the summery they write a personal response.They write a little peek of our current event and then post it on twitter for the world to see.Today was my current event,This is what I wrote;


In the passage Dakasha Morijari  states that the sheep can recognize human faces mostly the talent was believed to belong to more ‘’intelligent’’ animals such as humans, monkeys, Apes, dogs, and horses but turns out that’s wrong. Jennifer Morton who led the study says ‘’The team picked sheep because the social animals communicate with each other in a number of different ways one of them they suspected was a facial recognition.”The 4 randomly selected celebrities to test the sheeps abilities- Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, British television show journalist Fiona Bruce,and former US President Barack Obama. Researchers picked famous people for the experiment because it was easy to find many pictures taken from different angles.

The 8 sheep were collected from the University flock.They were trained for the task with help from two computer screens. One with the celebrity photo and  the other a black screen or random object. Anytime it touched the correct picture with his nose,It would get a treat if not allowed buzzer and no treat.After they were familiar with the four celebrities they were put to the test. Now both screens had a person. One a star and the other random. The job was to find the star. The sheep were correct 75% of the time. Impressive, but that was not enough to say the animals actually recognize the faces because they might have guessed.So this time the photos were taken from an angle so their faces were tilted.The success rate was 66%. But it was enough to prove the Sheep’s abilities.

While  knowing that the Sheep don’t blindly see humans is enlightening, there is a much more important purpose for Morton study. The 4 hope that understanding how the Sheep’s brain work will give them information about Huntington’s disease. People suffering from this rare, but incurable the affection; having a hard time recognizing faces. Morton plans to take a flock of sheep from Australia that hold Huntington’s disease. the researcher believes if they find a cure for the Sheep they will soon find one for humans.The big question is can humans tell sheep apart? 

Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces From Photographs Video    

Info from

Dogo News 

Article;Guess What? Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces!

By Daksha Morjaria on December 2, 2017