Reading with 4-B

 In my school we are mostly working  on reading. Mr.DeBerry comes to our school and talks about how to summarize what we learned,To get connected with are topic,and how to read nonfiction intensely.We were assigned to read every night for 40 minutes,to make sure we were reading our teacher handed out a reading log.To fill out with our daily reading.


The following day Mrs.Berger’s class came to our classroom.Our room was really crowded.At my table in class there are 6 kids and that was already enough.But when Mrs.Burgers class came and there were 9 to 10 kids.I couldn’t even get up to blow my nose.I made a rule to myself that, I will go to the bathroom before all the lessons.

 We used a book to help

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In the lessons we learned…

                      How to summarize the text                             

                         -Take chunks of text

                         -Write the title and the author( In the book …………by …………..)

                         -Read a page then summarize


                      How to know if the cite/book is credible  

                                               Ask  yourself

                             -Who wrote this?

                             -What company published it?     

                             -When was it published?

                             -Are there opinions?

Mrs.Berger’s class came in and Mr.DeBerry told us that we will be working together for reading we were assigned a group to study hurricanes.My group was Nico,Jake,Arielle,and Meera (all In 4-A) Serrena,Sofie,Natalie,and Stevie (all in 4-B).After we were experts in hurricanes we studied tornadoes.Again I had the same group.We asked spark questions that related to our topic.With these spark questions we found other questions related.We watched a video. We worked well together but some kids were crying because their slides have been deleted they thought they were deleted on purpose.I think sometimes the slides were deleted on purpose.


  To see what my classmates thought about this reading setion click the link below