”Pie” by Sarah Weeks

In the book PIE by Sarah Weeks,I like how Sarah Weeks showed how good the pies were, instead of saying she put the crust on the pie and there were other pies she wrote ‘’with golden top crusts spread like quilts over the sweet warm fillings,and cream pies galore-chocolate,coconut and banana.And instead of writing Alice felt good she wrote ‘’Alice felt all warm and gooey inside,like one of her Aunt Polly’s pies.’’ She wanted to stay there in the pie shop forever.’’ I like how she wrote a comparison of a pie and Alice’s feelings.


The lesson of the story is that you should always be happy about your gift.In the story Alice had a talent at making songs and having an active imagination but her mom was not happy of her own daughter’s talent so Alice tried not to sing or use her imagination.She became sick.And Ruth wanted to have the talent of making pies she did not take that she had the talent of having the voice of an angel.Because of that she turned selfish and she did not love her daughter but then she changed and Ruth and Alice started to have a connection together as they made a commercial Alice made up the song and Ruth sang the song Alice made.


This story is like Tiger risin. It starts with no connection with their  parents[ as Alice’s mom did not have a strong connection with Alice  and Rob did not have a strong connection with his dad .Charlie in Pie in first chapters sounded mean and dumb with dirty fingernails and Sistine in Tiger rising sounded mean and nasty because she sticked her tongue out at Rob.But it turns out they become quite important in the book.


Gabriel’s Clock

In Jonathan book ‘’Gabriel’s clock’’ by Hilton Pashley. Jonathan is the only half-angel, half-demon child in the universe. When hell wants Jonathan as a weapon for their own purposes, Jonathan has to learn how to use his strengths without hurting his family and friends.

SummaryJonathon’s life changed in a blink of an eye. No moments before he was eating his dinner; now he was dragged down to Jonathan cellar steps. Jonathan’s mother screamed.His father was pale.’’What’s happening?’’ Jonathan cried.’’ Who is that? Why are they in house?’’

‘’They found us.’’

‘’Who found us? I don’t understand’’

A fist came crashing thru the door.

Jonathan and his mother run to the car.

‘’Dad’’ Jonathan said.

His father said’’GO’

His father knocked down the house to cover the monsters in ruble. Then Jonathan got hit by a wood piece. He fainted. He was hit on the head with some wood. Jonathan’s mother draged him to the car. She started the car. They came to Hobbes End. His mother dropped him at Hobbens End, so she could go to rescue his father. Now he was  alone. He became friends with a cat (Elgar), a girl (Cay), and two grown men.(Grimm and Ignatius). He learns Gabriel is his grandfather, and Cays father is a werewolf. Beail wants Jonathan as a weapon. He finds were he is hidden. Takes Cay and Gabriel. And says he will give them back only if Hobbes End’s people give Jonathan and the clock (the clock is a portal to heaven) to Beail. Jonathan’s courageous and brave because he gave himself to Beail, he fought for his friends, he went to find the clock, and he tried to find his parents even when he was frail. In the outside he is a little boy but in the inside he is fierce. Hobbes End is a place where people go if they need to be safe. No bad creatures can come in. In the beginning he did not want anything to do with monsters and violence. But then he noticed that nothing would change in less he took action.

I think the author’s note is teamwork because Elgar, Cay, Grimm, and Ignatius, all had to help Jonathan. Another note is nothing is going to happen if no one does it. The best part of the book is when Jonathan went to find the clock. You should diffently read this book…