Capstone #4- Interview

For my Capstone project I need to Interview someone that is a expert on my topic, Giant pandas. Finding someone to Interview was one of the hardest things about my project Capstone. I asked my teacher for some help because I had no idea who I was going to Interview. My teacher contacted two different people who knew a lot about pandas, But unfortunately none of them answered. I was getting really stressed because I didn’t have a interview and almost all of my classmates already had someone to interview. I told my mom to help me find someone to interview because I was getting really stressed out. Me and my mom contacted six different people. One hour later Dr. Megan owen answered and said that she could do the interview. I was so happy that Dr. Megan owen replayed so quickly. Someone else replied and I didn’t know if I was going to interview two different people, I then decided that I was not going to interview two different people because it would be very complicated. Dr. Megan owen works in the San Diego zoo with the giant pandas. I wanted to have a Skype call or a phone call with Dr. Megan owen but unfortunately she was all the way in China and we had very different times. For my interview I needed to come up with Interview questions. My teacher told me to make about ten or more interview questions. It took me some time to come up with ten or more interview questions. Here are my interview questions:

  1. What attracted you to your field of work?
  2. What do you love best about Giant pandas?
  3. How have humans affected giant pandas?
  4. What is being done to improve giant pandas’ lives and their future?
  5. What are the pros and cons of Giant pandas living in the wild?
  6. What are the pros/cons of Giant pandas living in zoos?Do pandas get depressed in zoos? (If so, explain why.)
  1. Do habitats in zoos match Giant pandas’ real habitats? For example, if a Giant panda is pregnant in a zoo, what is done to make the birth successful?
  2. Do pandas act/feel differently inside zoos than outside? Can you measure how happy they are?
  3. Are humans mostly hurting or helping Giant pandas?
  4. Who/what is the biggest threat to Giant pandas?
  5. Do you think Giant pandas are going to become extinct in the future?
  6. How are you helping the Giant panda?


When I had all my interview questions I asked my teacher to read my questions and see if they were appropriate. I emailed my interview questions to Dr. Megan owen and two days passed and she answered my questions. Dr. Megan owen was so helpful and so nice.

Capstone #3- Site vist

For my Capstone project I need to go somewhere that is related to my topic. My topic is Giant pandas. At first my site visit was going to be the san diego zoo because thats the closest to me, I then decided that the san diego zoo was a little too far away because it was a five hour car ride and I thought that was way too much. I had no idea what my site visit was going too be so I asked my teacher for some help. Me and my teacher decided that it would be a good idea too watch something called the “panda cam” A panda cam is a live stream of a pandas in zoos. My teacher told me that I should watch the panda cam three times a day for one week and take pictures and observations/notes. I then thought that just seeing the panda cam for a week was not enough so I decided that I was going to go to the bronx zoo and compare a red pandas,polar bears and grizzly bears too giant pandas. In the bronx zoo I saw the red pandas,polar bears and grizzly bears and how they lived, they were all so cute.


These are picture from the panda cam and the bronx zoo

Capstone #2- Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

On my project called Capstone you need to choose a Inquiry Question about your Topic. A Inquiry Question is a question that is related to your topic. My First Inquiry question was why are pandas Endangered? but then my teacher told me that my Inquiry Question was a little to Basic. Then my teacher helped me choose another Inquiry Question. The Inquiry Question we came up with was “How have Humans Affected Giant Pandas (pros and cons)  and how can humans improve Relationship with pandas? I really like my Inquiry Question I think its really interesting. When you had your Inquiry Question you need to  do a lot of research and create five Sub Questions. Sub Questions are questions that are going to help you answer your Inquiry Question. My First Sub question is “Why is the giant panda endangered? My second Sub Question is “How are humans hurting the giant panda? My third Sub question is “why are humans cutting down Bamboo? My forth Inquiry Question is “how are humans helping the giant panda not become extinct? My last Sub question is “How can humans help the panda not become extinct? I really like my Sub Questions because they are so  interesting and I think they are going to be very fun to research.

Choosing A Topic- Capstone #1

My Classroom is working on a project called Capstone. It is one of the Biggest Projects in 5th grade. We have too choose a topic that we are interested in. It took me a lot time too think about what I wanted to do for capstone. I then decided I wanted to do it on Giant Pandas. I wanted to do my Capstone on Giant Pandas because Giant Pandas are my favorite animal and they are so interesting. When you had your topic you have to make up a question that is related to your topic. My teacher helped me with my question. My question was “How have Humans affected Giant Pandas and how can Humans improve relationship with pandas”

Immigration Wevideo

In my Classroom we have been working on immigration. We needed to choose a country in Europe and do research about that Country’s immigrants. I decided to choose Germany because part of my Family is from Germany. I researched things like what did you take to Ellis island? What are Germen girl names? What are some push and pull factors? It took some time doing all of this. When we finished doing our research I had to do a Wevideo about German Immigrants. It was hard but fun at the same time. I had a some trouble making the Wevideo. But overall it was fun experience

Poetry Unit

In My class we are working on poetry. I really like poetry.  In my opinion poetry is really fun. I mostly write funny poems and poems about animals. But the whole grade needs to writing about where you are from. I don’t really like the idea but I gave it a try. It was kind of hard because I’ve lived a lot of places and I have a lot of childhood memories. But over all the poetry unit really fun.

Sphero Lesson 2.0

Today I had to teach 5th graders how to work with a sphero. I was nervous because we me and my group had to teach 5th graders two things in only 30 mins. We had to teach Two groups of 5th graders. The first group wasn’t so good. In the first group there was a kid that wasn’t hear for the first class so we had to teach him the basics. But over all the first group was okay because we had extra time to play games.  Are second group was much better. They all collaborate and paid attention. They had a lot of more extra time that the first group had. Overall teaching 5th graders was a fun experience.

Sphero lesson 1.O

Today I taught 5th graders how to work with a sphero. I was really nervous. Me and my group had to teach two groups of 5th graders how to work with a sphero in 30 minutes. I was scared that we wouldn’t have enough time to finish the lesson. But are first group was okay but one student was being a little negative. But overall the first group was okay because we had some extra time and we got to play some games. The second group was much better. Maybe it was because I was not so nervous. The second group had also some extra time to play some fun games with the sphero. Overall my first sphero lesson was a very good experience.

Rube Goldberg part 7

Today was the last day we could work on our Rube Goldberg. It was very stressful, but we did it! At first it was so scary that we might not finish in time, but it all worked. Everything was running out of battery. For example, the phone that we were videotaping with was running out of battery and the Sphero was, also. We waited a while and then got back to work, but then we realized that we were running out of time, so we decided that Danielle should start our movie and Neha and I should keep working. It took many tries, but it finally worked!

Overall, I think the Rube Goldberg project was a fun creative project. I also think it was kind of hard making the Rube Goldberg, designing and making six blog posts. It might have been easier to get a little bit more time, but it was all good.