Reflection On 4th Grade

My favorite thing about science: was my stream table.That was my favorite thing because it was a really creative way to learn.We did a lot of creative activities for example one time we did a stream a other time we made a landmark with some materials  they gave us.It was so fun doing all theses activities.

My favorite thing about social studies: was the toy theater it was so fun doing all the characters and the backgrounds and to memorize all my lines.

My favorite thing about math: was decimals it was really easy to do.I always was ready with my work.

My favorite thing about reading: was the book club.I loved reading all the books they gave us then talk about what was going on.

My favorite thing about music: was doing the all the chores concert’s it was so nice,all the songs were beautiful.

My favorite thing about Art:doing are clay monster we painted and made a clay monster it was so cool to paint and make it.

My favorite thing about Spanish:it was Quizlet it was so fun.

My favorite thing P.E:it was the time when we the circus we learned all the thing that in a circus it was cool.

My goal for 5th grade:

-pay more attention

-get better at reading

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