Rube Goldberg part 5

Today we worked on our Rube Goldberg a lot. My partners and I almost finished our Rube Goldberg but we didn’t have enough time.When we were doing our Rube Goldberg we were following our sketch but then we noticed that our sketch was not going to work and it also was way too hard to do, so we decided to not follow our sketch and do something different from our sketch. We had trouble coming up with a different a idea. We looked at videos on the internet, but that didn’t help us at all. So we decided to come up with our own ideas. It was hard coming up with our own ideas, but we eventually got through it. After we had our idea we had to build it.Building our idea wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Rube Goldberg part 6

I went over to Danielle’s house today. We had to come up with some more ideas because our Rube Goldberg machine was only about 5-6 steps. My partners and I had trouble coming up with new ideas. We thought of a lot of ideas, but they didn’t work. After a lot of thinking we finally came up with two new ideas. After we build our ideas we had to see if they worked. At first everything was a disaster, nothing was working and that made us get stressed. We finally thought of what can make our Rube Goldberg work. We tried a lot of times, but it didn’t work. My partner’s Sphero ran out of battery so that meant we couldn’t work any more. We decided to start our movie. Making the first part of our movie wasn’t really hard.

Rube Goldberg part 4

Today I was with my Rube Goldberg partners Neha and Danielle. Today we decided to start are Rube Goldberg. We first had to go to a store and buy the materials we needed. After we bought our materials we went to Danielle’s house and started building the beginning of our Rube Goldberg. Building our Rube Goldberg was kind of hard at first, but we got through it. We could only do the first part of our Rube Goldberg because we didn’t have enough time to do it all. Neha was the person that sketched all the ideas. I was the person that built the first part of the Rube Goldberg and Danielle was the one who took the pictures and videos.

Rube Goldberg part 3

Today I met with my partners Danielle and Neha. We decided to change our sketch because there weren’t a lot of steps. We didn’t know how we were going to make our new sketch so we decided that each one of us was going to do a sketch and the best one was going to be our new sketch.

Our sketch starts with dominos and then the dominos hit a toy car then the car hits a marble and the marble goes through a tube and hits little bowling pins, which makes a spinner go down a ramp which then hits a steep block that causes the egg to fall in a pan.

Rube Goldberg part 2

Today I met up with Danielle and Neha again.We were working on some ideas and we were also going to start our sketch on Google Drawings.

When we were doing our sketch we first decided to do some of our ideas on paper and then we could paste it on a Google Drawing so it would look more organized. Doing our sketch was not the easiest, but it also wasn’t super hard. We had a little bit of trouble drawing our ideas. While Danielle did the sketch and Neha looked at videos to help us get some ideas, I was just trying out different ideas and see how they would work. Today was easier than yesterday because we already had some ideas in our head and we also knew what our Rube Goldberg machine was going to do so that meant we could just go right to work.

Rube Goldberg Part 1

Today I met with my two friends Danielle and Neha,we were working on our Rube Goldberg machine.We were kind of just brainstorming and just think about ideas we could use.

Thinking of what to do on our Rube Goldberg machine was not that easy. Most of our ideas didn’t work at first, but then we had to think about how we could improve our ideas.At first we were having trouble figuring out what our Rube Goldberg Machine could do. We first thought of opening a door could be our thing, but then we decided to do some research about what we can do and we decided to crack a egg.When we were thinking about how we could start the maze we decided to use some dominoes and then hit a marble, but things didn’t go as planned. For example, sometimes the marble went off track or the dominoes didn’t hit the marble.

Overall, thinking of ideas for our Rube Goldberg machine was the hardest part in my opinion.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I read the ” I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King jr. and I was asked if what Martin Luther King jr. said in the speech “I  have a dream” realized and what I think is that most of what he said was realized but sometimes people don’t treat black people the same way they treat white people.Black people go to the same school  as white people they also play together and they all go to the same bathroom but some people still treat black people different.

What Martin Luther King jr. said in the speech “i have a dream” has been realized because along time ago there were colored bathrooms and there also were colored schools there were colored tables.But now there aren’t colored tables and there also has been a marked skin president because  Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible.

But not everything has changed because of Martin Luther King Jr. As I said some people still don’t treat black people equally.Some people still think that black people shouldn’t have the same rights as white people.For example some people don’t get good jobs because of his/her skin tone or they don’t get the same respect for there skin tone.