Rube Goldberg Part 1

Today I met with my two friends Danielle and Neha,we were working on our Rube Goldberg machine.We were kind of just brainstorming and just think about ideas we could use.

Thinking of what to do on our Rube Goldberg machine was not that easy. Most of our ideas didn’t work at first, but then we had to think about how we could improve our ideas.At first we were having trouble figuring out what our Rube Goldberg Machine could do. We first thought of opening a door could be our thing, but then we decided to do some research about what we can do and we decided to crack a egg.When we were thinking about how we could start the maze we decided to use some dominoes and then hit a marble, but things didn’t go as planned. For example, sometimes the marble went off track or the dominoes didn’t hit the marble.

Overall, thinking of ideas for our Rube Goldberg machine was the hardest part in my opinion.

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