Rube Goldberg part 7

Today was the last day we could work on our Rube Goldberg. It was very stressful, but we did it! At first it was so scary that we might not finish in time, but it all worked. Everything was running out of battery. For example, the phone that we were videotaping with was running out of battery and the Sphero was, also. We waited a while and then got back to work, but then we realized that we were running out of time, so we decided that Danielle should start our movie and Neha and I should keep working. It took many tries, but it finally worked!

Overall, I think the Rube Goldberg project was a fun creative project. I also think it was kind of hard making the Rube Goldberg, designing and making six blog posts. It might have been easier to get a little bit more time, but it was all good.

One thought on “Rube Goldberg part 7

  1. Hooray! It all worked and your iMovie was great! The hard work and persistence of your team paid off, Corina!

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