Sphero Lesson 2.0

Today I had to teach 5th graders how to work with a sphero. I was nervous because we me and my group had to teach 5th graders two things in only 30 mins. We had to teach Two groups of 5th graders. The first group wasn’t so good. In the first group there was a kid that wasn’t hear for the first class so we had to teach him the basics. But over all the first group was okay because we had extra time to play games. ¬†Are second group was much better. They all collaborate and paid attention. They had a lot of more extra time that the first group had. Overall teaching 5th graders was a fun experience.

One thought on “Sphero Lesson 2.0

  1. I like how you explained your experience but maybe add what that one kid did. Also, you should add a picture and change your title to “Sphero Lesson 2.0 and 3.0” . Overall your post was really good.

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