Choosing A Topic- Capstone #1

My Classroom is working on a project called Capstone. It is one of the Biggest Projects in 5th grade. We have too choose a topic that we are interested in. It took me a lot time too think about what I wanted to do for capstone. I then decided I wanted to do it on Giant Pandas. I wanted to do my Capstone on Giant Pandas because Giant Pandas are my favorite animal and they are so interesting. When you had your topic you have to make up a question that is related to your topic. My teacher helped me with my question. My question was “How have Humans affected Giant Pandas and how can Humans improve relationship with pandas”

7 thoughts on “Choosing A Topic- Capstone #1

  1. I think that your main inquiry question a good question. I think that you will have a lot to research about because Giant Pandas are very informative animals that people have researched a lot about. You will have no trouble at all finding information.

  2. I like that you told us what capstone is, and why you chose your topic. I also like that you told us what your question is.

  3. This is really good I liked how you explained about Capstone and which one is yours. Good Job!

  4. You explained each step very well and it was very clear but I think you gave too much away when you started talking about the questions cause that is what the next blog post is about.

  5. I’m interested in learning more about Giant Pandas , Corina! I like how you will be considering how humans can improve their relationship with the Giant Panda.

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