Capstone #2- Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

On my project called Capstone you need to choose a Inquiry Question about your Topic. A Inquiry Question is a question that is related to your topic. My First Inquiry question was why are pandas Endangered? but then my teacher told me that my Inquiry Question was a little to Basic. Then my teacher helped me choose another Inquiry Question. The Inquiry Question we came up with was “How have Humans Affected Giant Pandas (pros and cons)  and how can humans improve Relationship with pandas? I really like my Inquiry Question I think its really interesting. When you had your Inquiry Question you need to  do a lot of research and create five Sub Questions. Sub Questions are questions that are going to help you answer your Inquiry Question. My First Sub question is “Why is the giant panda endangered? My second Sub Question is “How are humans hurting the giant panda? My third Sub question is “why are humans cutting down Bamboo? My forth Inquiry Question is “how are humans helping the giant panda not become extinct? My last Sub question is “How can humans help the panda not become extinct? I really like my Sub Questions because they are so  interesting and I think they are going to be very fun to research.

6 thoughts on “Capstone #2- Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

  1. You explain about capstone in your first and second blog post sometimes you say the same things. I think that your sub questions were very thorough thought.

  2. I really liked how you made every detail that happened when doing the Main Inquiry and sub questions. Good Work!

  3. I like how you put your sub questions on but I don’t think you should say your main inquiry question again because you said it in blog post #1.

  4. I like that you put all of your sub questions and main inquiry question in your post. I also like that you explained the process of you choosing your question.

  5. You forgot to put main in front of your Inquiry Question. Everything else was very good you explained very well.

  6. I think your sub questions are well thought out and will help you answer your main inquiry question.

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