Capstone #5 – Answering My Main Inquiry Question

The next step to my project Capstone is to answer my main Inquiry question. My main inquiry question is  “How have humans affected giant pandas and how can their relationship improve?”  Answering my main inquiry question was a very hard and long process. We spent about three weeks of research on sub questions. When we had all our research completed, we had to do an essay that answers your main inquiry question. It was really hard. I had all the research, but it was hard putting it all in order. I didn’t know if I had enough information. Then, I started writing and it wasn’t as hard as I thought is was going to be. But I have to admit it was still hard. I had to do an introduction, a paragraph that tells three reasons  how the humans affected the giant panda positively, another paragraph that tells three reasons how humans affected the giant panda negatively, a paragraph that tells three reasons how we can help the giant panda and a conclusion.

I asked my teacher to read my essay. My teacher did some corrections. My teacher told me that my essay was good, but that I only had two reasons on the paragraphs: how have humans affected giant pandas negatively and on the paragraph, how can we help the giant panda. That means I had to add more reasons to my paragraphs. When I was done with everything I read over it a lot of times. I worked really hard on my essay and was proud of the results.  This is my essay :

Don’t you love giant pandas? Well, I do! My whole life I have loved giant pandas. They are just so cute and cuddly. It breaks my heart that they’re endangered and suffering through a lot. Because I love giant pandas so much I decided to focus on them for my Capstone project. My Capstone main inquiry question is “How have humans affected giant pandas and how can their relationship improve.” I have found out that humans have affected giant pandas both positively and negatively and there are definite ways to improve their relationship.

Positive Ways Humans Have Affected Giant Pandas                                                                     Giant pandas have been affected in good ways by humans. One way is that China has made strict laws on not killing the giant pandas. On the site, it says that the Chinese government has made laws to save the giant panda including the Law of the Forest( not cutting wood in forests), Law on the Protection of Wildlife, and Law of Environmental Protection. Another way that the humans are helping the giant panda is that scientists have been putting special collars on giant pandas to help gain information about pandas that can help researchers make a positive difference. The way these collars work is that they send signals that the researchers can track. This helps them understand where the pandas are and see if they need help. The WWF is also creating breeding center for the pandas to make babies and reproduce. Humans are one of the reason why the giant panda is still here today!

Negative Ways Humans Have Affected Giant Pandas                                                                Giant pandas have been affected negatively because of humans. One way that humans have had a negative impact on giant pandas is that humans are interfering with the pandas’ habitat. For example, humans are cutting bamboo and making things like houses/chop sticks and umbrellas. A panda without bamboo is like a human without food, water or a home. Why? Well, a giant panda’s diet is 99% bamboo! Habitat loss and starvation is the main reason why giant pandas are endangered. A giant panda usually moves to a different area when the bamboo is gone but now with people taking the bamboo, the giant pandas can’t move anywhere. Another negative way giant pandas have been affected by humans is that humans have been poaching pandas. On the site it says that “Poaching is the second main reason why Giant pandas are near extinction.” Hunters poach giant pandas because of the value of their skin. China has made a law to prohibit poaching the giant panda, but there are hunters who are willing to take the risk. Humans have hurt the giant panda. Another way  how humans have hurt the giant panda is by fragmentation. Fragmentation is when something gets broken into small pieces. The forest in china has been broken into pieces by building roads and cutting down trees. It affects the giant panda because it is harder for them to get food or find a mate. Pandas are suffering because of humans.

Ways Humans Can Improve Their Relationship With The Giant Panda                           Humans can help the giant panda recover.  An easy way we can help the giant panda is by making a donation to a site that wants to help the giant panda or by adopting a panda as suggested by the site Zoos and other organizations often support their efforts by having individuals “adopt” giant pandas. There are plenty of sites like WWF and many more that let you adopt a giant panda. The money will go to a foundation that is helping the pandas. The second way we can help is by spreading the word and make others aware. Tell your friends, teachers and family members about what’s happening to the giant panda. You can spread the word by texts,blogs,cards, etc…We can also help the giant panda by not buying products that harm giant pandas. There are some products that use bamboo like umbrellas, plates ext… We are the reason why giant pandas are endangered, we should help them recover.

Conclusion                                                                                                                                                              In conclusion, giant pandas are endangered and we need to save them. They might just be a normal animal but we are the reason they’re endangered. We need to save them, there are so many animals that are extinct, let’s not let that happen to the Giant panda.


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