Capstone #6- Working on Final Project

Capstone is finally coming to end. We are now working on are final project. We had the option to do a Ignite, TED talk, movie/Wevideo. At first I had no idea what I was going to do for my final project. I thought and I decided I wanted to do a Wevideo because I don’t feel comfortable talking in public. I asked my teacher to help me because I didn’t know how my Wevideo was going to work. My teacher and I discussed and agreed that I would do a TED talk with a PSA talking about how we can help the giant panda. PSA stands for public service announcement.

I had to make a script for my PSA and my TED talk. Making the script wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I rehearsed and rehearsed. For my TED talk I need to build a slide show. To be honest building the slide show was really easy.

It was time to present are final project to the WHOLE class. I was so nervous. I practised a lot but I still didn’t feel ready. My teacher was calling on people and I was so scared. When it was my turn to present half the class was presenting some where else so I felt a little better. I tried to not look at my script. Overall I think I did a good job.

If you want to go check my presentation here is the link!


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