Sphero Lesson 2.0

Today I had to teach 5th graders how to work with a sphero. I was nervous because we me and my group had to teach 5th graders two things in only 30 mins. We had to teach Two groups of 5th graders. The first group wasn’t so good. In the first group there was a kid that wasn’t hear for the first class so we had to teach him the basics. But over all the first group was okay because we had extra time to play games.  Are second group was much better. They all collaborate and paid attention. They had a lot of more extra time that the first group had. Overall teaching 5th graders was a fun experience.

Sphero lesson 1.O

Today I taught 5th graders how to work with a sphero. I was really nervous. Me and my group had to teach two groups of 5th graders how to work with a sphero in 30 minutes. I was scared that we wouldn’t have enough time to finish the lesson. But are first group was okay but one student was being a little negative. But overall the first group was okay because we had some extra time and we got to play some games. The second group was much better. Maybe it was because I was not so nervous. The second group had also some extra time to play some fun games with the sphero. Overall my first sphero lesson was a very good experience.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I read the ” I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King jr. and I was asked if what Martin Luther King jr. said in the speech “I  have a dream” realized and what I think is that most of what he said was realized but sometimes people don’t treat black people the same way they treat white people.Black people go to the same school  as white people they also play together and they all go to the same bathroom but some people still treat black people different.

What Martin Luther King jr. said in the speech “i have a dream” has been realized because along time ago there were colored bathrooms and there also were colored schools there were colored tables.But now there aren’t colored tables and there also has been a marked skin president because  Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible.

But not everything has changed because of Martin Luther King Jr. As I said some people still don’t treat black people equally.Some people still think that black people shouldn’t have the same rights as white people.For example some people don’t get good jobs because of his/her skin tone or they don’t get the same respect for there skin tone.


Should Cursive be Taught in School?

I think that cursive should not be taught in school because in the feature people are probably just gonna write in computers and cursive would not be important.I also think that cursive would be a waste a time because its hard trying to learn cursive and you can use all that time to learn something way more important than cursive.Cursive will also not be important to go to a good collage or a good job.

Corina’s Feature article about dogs

I choose to do my featured article in taking of dogs.I choose that topic because I have had a lot of experience with dogs and i also love dogs.Doing my feature article was not easy,we had to first wright a draft in google docs.After we did finished doing everything on google docs we past all are text and pictures on pages.We put it on pages so our article would be more organized.

While doing my article I had some trouble thinking on what to wright in my article.The hardest part for me was the introduction.I never new what to put.

If you wanna go see my feature article press that link in the bottom.


TFK about Cloning

I read the article about cloning pets.I thought cloning your pet is a really cool thing.But I also think it could be dangerous.I think it was cool because you could clone a dead pet and you would have your pet again,but it wouldn’t be the”exact”same pet but it would be very similar.But in the other hand am also something might not go as planned out and the clone might be funny looking or might be evil!?


My class started doing a science unit called rocketry.On the unit we launched rockets we also made rockets and at the end we had to make a presentation about the rockets we made.What I liked about rocketry was that it was a unique and fun unit,if someone asked me if I wanted to du rocketry again I will say yes.The first rocket was the hardest in my opinion.Our second rocket was not that hard as are second rocket but we still had some problems.Our third rocket was the easiest in my opinion it was easy because we had more experience but also my group had a lot of ideas so it was hard choosing one.Wen we preformed our slides I was nerves but exited.Overall Rocketry was one of my favorite science units.

Building an oil pipeline through the Native Americans Land

What I think is that building a pipe line is a bad thing and also a good thing.

One reason that I think it’s bad thing is that it is not fair for the Native Americans. For example, the government is not thinking about the Native Americans if they’re putting a pipe line in their land when the Native Americans don’t agree with making a pipe line.

I also think its good to build a pipe line. One reason I think is good is that it would be safer to transport oil. For example,transferring oil in a pipe line is safer than on a train because the oil can spill out and can cause a lot of damage to a place.

Runt helps Pax

In the book Pax there is a character called Runt.Runt is a caring, playful fox who helps Pax survive in the wilderness.  One example is when Runt gave Pax an egg and a worm so Pax could eat it and not starve. One other example is that Runt stood up to Bristle so he could be with Pax.If Runt was not there to help Pax,Pax would most likely to be dead or sick.