CapCon 2019!

Videos of each 5E students’ Capstone TedTalks and Ignites were taped by our computer teacher, Chris Casal. I’ve created a CapCon 2019 – Class 5Edwards playlist on my YouTube channel.

Below are links for 5E students’ 2019 Capstone blog posts documenting the entire arc of their projects:

Gia Asen:
Stella Berry:
Nathan DeSanto:
Summer Eichel:
Eli Etra:
Alexa Galante:
Chase Kantor:
Hannah Khang:
Sarah Kobi:
Henry Lamberg:
Connor Meschewski:
Steven Ren:
Lillian Rosenthal:
PJ Rosenthal:
Reece Schneider:
Jett Schwartz: 26/capstone
Alexander Sharp:
Maya Shetty:
Manu Trelles:

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