Sydney’s Writing celebration

 Sydney’s Writing

Sydney made a piece of writing that was so good, I love it so much. It was about when she went to Libby’s. Which is in Florida. In her story there was a DJ that she could see from the steps and it was her favorite part. Sydney’s artwork in her story  is such well done. She says, ” When she went to Libby’s, it was so pretty,”. I think that her writing is about how she loves hanging out with her family and I also love hanging out with my family. She also loves the part when she ate at Libby’s because she loves food. She spelled all her words rights.She’s got forty-five cousins. So I think she might go every year.   

One thought on “Sydney’s Writing celebration

  1. Dear Chloe,

    I like how you make a difference in your buddies life and artwork. You probably made your buddy feel really good. Do you like any other writing that your buddy wrote?


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