Sydney’s Writing celebration

 Sydney’s Writing

Sydney made a piece of writing that was so good, I love it so much. It was about when she went to Libby’s. Which is in Florida. In her story there was a DJ that she could see from the steps and it was her favorite part. Sydney’s artwork in her story  is such well done. She says, ” When she went to Libby’s, it was so pretty,”. I think that her writing is about how she loves hanging out with her family and I also love hanging out with my family. She also loves the part when she ate at Libby’s because she loves food. She spelled all her words rights.She’s got forty-five cousins. So I think she might go every year.   

Uconn Game


On Saturday also my brother’s birthday my family went to a Uconn mens basketball game in Connecticut. We also went with my uncle and his two kids. It took us at least two and a half hours to get there. We didn’t leave in time that we would get there when there game started. So we got there about twenty minutes late. It was ok. There was a lot of people that came late. Once we were watching the game I had a great time even though Uconn lost.

Eighteen People

My Christmas night was crazy. I had eighteen people sleep at my house! We had some of my cousin’s, aunt’s, and uncle’s sleepover. We watch movies and every year we have a tradition that we do greek dancing. We also do this other dance where there are two people, one person jumps on the other and lean back until their hands touch the ground. Then you lift yourself up. It is mostly my dad and uncle who do it, but this year I did it with my oldest sister and my brother and my cousin did it. I love Christmas.

Sydney’s Artwork

Sydney’s Artwork


Sydney’s artwork is the best. She uses such pretty colors and uses them very well. I love how she does her detail work. It is beautiful to look at and watch her make all her artwork. I can’t wait for a day were we could do an art project together. That would be the best! I also love how she describes her artwork. I hope you like her artwork as much as I do!


This is some of Sydney’s artwork