My Worst Nightmare

This is a blurb about my my narrative this year:


Still crying my heart out. Then suddenly stopped because I knew I had to be brave. I could see my dad’s face cold as ice because of the cold. He was nice enough to come down with me just so that I could do what Millie did. Millie was right.. I knew I couldn’t do it. I wanted to be just like Millie. I found out that I wasn’t like her in a skiing comparison. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t become someone that I’m not.

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Wasabi and Sushi


Wasabi and Sushi



When I went skiing in Vermont, my dad and I went skiing on a very steep hill and I couldn’t ski down, so we took off our skies and scooted down the mountain. The time my friend and I baked cupcakes, the batter flew everywhere while we were mixing it in the mixer!  The first time I rode a horse was in Jamaica.  I rode a pony with an instructor holding the saddle.  The first time I saw my dog Clementine, I thought she was a teddy bear, but my sister told me that she was a dog. My sister and I made a bet of $10 and I lost.  So I gave her the money, but when she wasn’t looking I stole the money back.  One time my brother and I did a lemonade stand and we made $100!  It was really weird because the street that I live on doesn’t get a lot a people who pass by.  The first time I got my haircut I was screaming and crying and everyone was looking at me. When I was on the trampoline my sister asked, ”Can you do a flip?”  I tried and landed it! I told everyone I knew. I remember the time when my sisters and I were all covered in shaving cream and we took a picture at camp. I love camp!  My first time I went tubing I was with my friends Nina and Tessa. We went flying through the air! While I was in Greece my cousin and I found these little kittens and we played with them for hours. Cats scare me.  But not kittens.  Once my brother put wasabi on my sushi and I ate it.  My favorite color is purple.  My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip.  When I was little I had a flower bike.  While I was in Mexico, my sister and I got our hair braided with beads on the end.  I don’t like coffee.  In Utah I went on a horse ride up and down the hills with my family.  When I found out that I was going to get a little brother, I talked about it for days!  Clowns scare me.  While I was born, my sisters were watching Belle the movie. My best friend moved to Spain.  I was so sad. I have lost 18 teeth.