Sydney’s Writing celebration

 Sydney’s Writing

Sydney made a piece of writing that was so good, I love it so much. It was about when she went to Libby’s. Which is in Florida. In her story there was a DJ that she could see from the steps and it was her favorite part. Sydney’s artwork in her story  is such well done. She says, ” When she went to Libby’s, it was so pretty,”. I think that her writing is about how she loves hanging out with her family and I also love hanging out with my family. She also loves the part when she ate at Libby’s because she loves food. She spelled all her words rights.She’s got forty-five cousins. So I think she might go every year.   

Uconn Game


On Saturday also my brother’s birthday my family went to a Uconn mens basketball game in Connecticut. We also went with my uncle and his two kids. It took us at least two and a half hours to get there. We didn’t leave in time that we would get there when there game started. So we got there about twenty minutes late. It was ok. There was a lot of people that came late. Once we were watching the game I had a great time even though Uconn lost.

My Worst Nightmare

This is a blurb about my my narrative this year:


Still crying my heart out. Then suddenly stopped because I knew I had to be brave. I could see my dad’s face cold as ice because of the cold. He was nice enough to come down with me just so that I could do what Millie did. Millie was right.. I knew I couldn’t do it. I wanted to be just like Millie. I found out that I wasn’t like her in a skiing comparison. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t become someone that I’m not.

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Wasabi and Sushi


Wasabi and Sushi



When I went skiing in Vermont, my dad and I went skiing on a very steep hill and I couldn’t ski down, so we took off our skies and scooted down the mountain. The time my friend and I baked cupcakes, the batter flew everywhere while we were mixing it in the mixer!  The first time I rode a horse was in Jamaica.  I rode a pony with an instructor holding the saddle.  The first time I saw my dog Clementine, I thought she was a teddy bear, but my sister told me that she was a dog. My sister and I made a bet of $10 and I lost.  So I gave her the money, but when she wasn’t looking I stole the money back.  One time my brother and I did a lemonade stand and we made $100!  It was really weird because the street that I live on doesn’t get a lot a people who pass by.  The first time I got my haircut I was screaming and crying and everyone was looking at me. When I was on the trampoline my sister asked, ”Can you do a flip?”  I tried and landed it! I told everyone I knew. I remember the time when my sisters and I were all covered in shaving cream and we took a picture at camp. I love camp!  My first time I went tubing I was with my friends Nina and Tessa. We went flying through the air! While I was in Greece my cousin and I found these little kittens and we played with them for hours. Cats scare me.  But not kittens.  Once my brother put wasabi on my sushi and I ate it.  My favorite color is purple.  My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip.  When I was little I had a flower bike.  While I was in Mexico, my sister and I got our hair braided with beads on the end.  I don’t like coffee.  In Utah I went on a horse ride up and down the hills with my family.  When I found out that I was going to get a little brother, I talked about it for days!  Clowns scare me.  While I was born, my sisters were watching Belle the movie. My best friend moved to Spain.  I was so sad. I have lost 18 teeth.