January 17

Rude goldberg Obstacle #Number Two

The second obstacle that I we had to face was that, we hade to get together and discuss when we were free our when we had nothing. That was our groups biggest struggle because, Arav and I were both skiing after school in vermont and we had to leave right after school because it is a four hour trip. so nobody was free Friday Saturday or Sunday. That’s three days gone. Then Monday Arav had cello 1 hour away. Tuesday and Thursday we also were not free so the only free day we had was Thursday after 4:30 because Asher has a trainer but then before 7:00 because Asher and I have a basketball game till 9:00. I just relized that we all have busy schedules. I also learned that some obstacles are hard to face and complete,  sometimes you have to figure out a way to get around it, but if you try try again then you will achieve your goal, because nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

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January 17

Rude goldberg Obstacle #Number One

We started rude goldberg in class a few days ago. It is our class project. Everybody has a group of 2 to 4 people. You got to choose your group. My group that I choose and that we agreed on was Arav Asher and myself. It was hard because everyone had to have a partner or partner’s. We couldn’t leave anyone out and everyone had to like there group. So it had to be even. Then we had to discuss the goal of our rude goldberg  (ours is to make an explostion then we thought to messy so we our thinking about our goal right now.) and we had to start planing it over over weekends and over weekdays. It was a few day project. We also had to discuss who’s house it would be at.

November 28

Constution Project

0-My constution project is due friday 👌🏼 perfect. We rolled 2 dice in school 🏫 to see what to study I rolled doccuments then a slideshow to see how to present it. One of the die’s were for your topic. Then the other one is how you are presenting your topic. That was pretty good 👍.  I was happy with what I got.  For doccuments I decided to study the Bill of Rights. It’s going along great. I am writting about the 10 ammendments. After we rolled the dice we formed groups. The groups were formed by our roll. If a boy rolled they had to give it to a girl then if a girl rolled they have to give it to a boy. At the end our teacher ms. Boyer rolled it for fun to see what she got if she did it, but she is not doing this project. It was very fun to watch everybody roll the dice and have a smile on there face 😀.

Well anyway this is my slideshow





November 21

Slacker By Gordon Korman

In the book Slacker, Cams mother asks him to take out the food in 10 minutes while she’s gone  he says okay but he really heard blah blah blah blah blah. He is so into his video game with his friends that he forgets what his mother says, and there is so much smoke coming out of his house and the nabors complian. They called the fire departmant. The fire departmant comes and kick the front door down. Then they find Camron ask ask if he’s okay he says yes. Cam dosen’t understand.  They say tthat your house has smoke coming out. They check were it’s coming from and find it. Carmron is sick from school he was about to beat the person who has been stalking him online for so long. He is upsest with video games. He dosen’t really care, but wait till his parents come home…

October 26

Rocketry Launch #1

I was scared at first because I had to pull the rope and we were first! I was nervous I was scared I was going to pull it too hard or too soft. Was it going to go high or low? Will it explode or will our rocket break in mid-air? Will it go wrong. What if a rocket breaks before we put it on the Launch Pad? What if someone in our group is sick? What if we lose our rocket, what will happen? What will happen if the grass is too wet? What will happen if the launch pad brakes? What what if we don’t have enough water? What if we have a fire drill at the same time we should be launching our rockets? What if it snows? What if Miss Boyer is sick? What if the parents don’t come?

The day we launched our rockets came. We have to be at school at about 8:37 then we had to get all of our supplies and our rocket. Then we had to use a trundle wheel to track how far we had to go. Next we set up the launch pad. We also set up the pump we had to pump 90 PSI after that we filled the rocket with water. Next we put the rocket on the launch pad. Since our group was first and I was pulling the Rope. I had butterflies in my stomach, All of the parents were watching including my dad! I hope the Blasting Rockets don’t fail I said to myself.  They started the countdown 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5…4… 3… 2… 1 then I pulled.

It went so high but compared,  to the other ones it was very bad. We used a clinometer. To see how many meters it went, ours went 20 meters. The Highest one was J.E.X.L. there’s went 57.7 meters. The team that got 2nd place was Science Minds theres was 51 Meters. 3rd place is Rocketeers they got 49.5. Then LASA got fourth place with 34 Meters. We still did pretty good. 





October 26


Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?

Gol Simblises hope bye because there is a big connection. Gol help kek remember his family.Gol also helps kek remember the past. Kek is lonley he only has so many friends and he doen’t have any pictures to remember. Kek is lost he can’t find his way. Kek wants to be a good son. Kek is used to low teck. Kek misses his family. Gannwar cares about Kek. He wants every thing he lost. kek gets a job very quickly. Kek loves Gol. Kek is taking Gol to the zoo. Gol is “going off to his new land to start again” . I think this relates to keks futrue. Katherine Applegate uses a lot of simelies. Kek has a lot of hope. Kek finds his mom. Kek walks away as one person with his mom.

October 25

Rocketry Post

I am looking forward to launching our rockets, because I really want to see if we succeed or fail. I am also proud of that we got really far. I hope that my group gets farther. We have got pretty far. I have learned to use different fins. Next my group will design our rocket. We keep thinking of new ideas but I guess thats good. We just measure today it was very fun to measure we had a great time we will launch our rockets very soon. We used tools called a trundle wheel and a clinometer. These tools help us measure the angles of the flag pole. We had a lot of fun today.