Colony Poster Reflection

What I learned from the colony poster is that the colonies helped shape history for the U.S. What I learned from the actual colony was that the southern colonies had more slaves than any other colony. I also learned that they were still ruled by the british and the colonist did not like that.

Final wonder Reflection

Wonder was a uniqe book. I think what I really got out of it is that being kind is one of the most important things. August has no friends in the beginig and people learn that being kind is important. I came up with a precept do not always follow the paved  path  pave your own.

Charlies Wish

I think her wish is to get her family together again . I am thinking this because she always says she wants to go back to raleigh. She also thinks that  jackie forgot about her. Or her wish maybe for her and jackie to be more like real sisters again.Those are the two ideas I have in mine.

Teatown Reflection

Today we went to a animal preserve. My favorite part of the trip was when we went to the lake. This was my favorite part because we saw a tadpole. I am not sure if it had a mom but I think it did. I learned that temprature afects pond life. I also learned that rocks affect life. Land and water connect because when the air is cold it affects the pond. If I could add an activity it would be to study the fish

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder -1

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 1st in a series of post about the book wonder.

August just started middle school. I think he is nervous because there is a chapter called first day jitters. At homeroom he kind of makes a bad first impression on the teachers. I feel that august is not going to do well in school. He seems that he dose not care about having lots of friends. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be august. I think he thinks about the school day when he is in bed. That is what I feel and think about wonder.