Design Portfolio: The Technology of Buckets

Have you ever carried a bucket of sand to build a sand castle? Well I know I have. Something I have always wondered is what is the technology of buckets? Buckets can hold things so you don’t have to carry them by hand. If you are carrying them by hand  they may slip or fall. This invention is definitely helpful and one of the most used inventions in the world. It helps make carrying things easier.

Design Portfolio: Technology of Glass in Windows

Glass. You see it when you look out your windows, but what is the technology of glass? The technology of glass is that it is hard and clear. These things make glass a very popular material to make windows out of. They solve a  problem as well ,when it is really stormy outside and you want to make sure that trees are not going to fall on your house you can look through a window and still be warm inside your house and you do not need to get wet in the storm. Glass in windows is specifically clear so you can look outside but solid and strong so wind or rain does not get into your house.

Final Project – Spreadsheets

I was really excited when I got to work with spreadsheets again. I decided to do the pet info activity.  In this sheet there were multiple pets. This sheet was about population of pets. It was also about what pet was most popular. An example of a formula I wrote is =C6/B6. It is very cool how all you have to do is tap a cell and it will tell you it’s location. My row shows the average number of that pet in each house hold. I really enjoyed working with spreadsheets.



Spreadsheets 2

I created my spreadsheet this week by making a copy of the wellness log. I am learning so much about spread sheets. The way I write my formulas is I always start with an equals sign, then I click a cell and I put a operation sign in. I do the same thing with the other cells then it shows you all different data. You should use this data and apply it to your sheet. Another way you can use this is for a different type of log or other data. Spreadsheets are most commonly use to organize data usually numbers.


Swift 3

I thought the awnsers playground was challenging because there were so many codes you could make. The typing was also tricky. I think these are the main reasons why it was challenging for me. Also it was kind of cool how the finished project was interactive, meaning you got to fill in the awnsers.


Swift 2

I think that debugging is challenging because it has you put the code in order. One of the things that helped me figure it out was mentally mapping it out. It is kind of like if you take a puzzle and mix it up. The code is already their for you you just have to put it in the right order. I think debugging is one of my favorite things to do in coding.

Swift Playgrounds 1

Today I went to the playgrounds app and completed a few puzzles. Something I found throughout my experience in this app is that the order of the code really matters. The thing I found challenging about this was that it was a little tricky to type my own code. Overall this was one of my favorite projects.


All about me Project

I just finished my all about me project. I had a few different actors on my stage. Let me tell you about them. One of the things I chose to be on the stage was a snowman. I chose this because my favorite season is winter. The second thing I chose was a beach. I really like the beach because you can go swimming in the ocean. I also really like to bake. I put a cupcake on  to symbolize baking. I put a cow because cows are my favorite animal. Overall this project was really fun and exciting.

Computer Science Is Changing Everything

In the video, an idea I found interesting was that they would be able to identify new viruses in only one hour. I thought this was interesting, because it shows that with the right technology we can improve medicine and other aspects of our daily lives. The machine can do this by having the person who is sick spit into a cup, and then the machine analyzes it by taking a database of all the known viruses and scanning it to see if it is a known virus, if not a new virus is discovered. Overall, computer technology can help improve a lot of things in our daily lives.