Immagrant blog post #3 – The interview


Before I did my interview I was a little bit nervous. I was nervous becasue I wasn’t confident the video was going to turn out well. For the interview I factimed my grandfather with my mothers phone and I took the video with my phone. I was ready because I had  all of my questions ready. When I started the call I became a little more confident as the time passed. The video was supposed to be no more than five minutes long, but I accidentaly made it eight.


When I called my grandfather on my moms phone he picked up right away. I got butterflies in my stomach. So I said the first question. “1 Why did you leave your country?” I thought his answer was pretty good. But when my grandfather said something I didn’t prefer for him to say I cringed. At the end of the eight minute video I was super satisfied. I thought the whole video turned out very good. And I gave a big thanks to my grandfather. I am going to be super excited to put the interview video into spark video.




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