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Immagrant blog post #3 – The interview


Before I did my interview I was a little bit nervous. I was nervous becasue I wasn’t confident the video was going to turn out well. For the interview I factimed my grandfather with my mothers phone and I took the video with my phone. I was ready because I had  all of my questions ready. When I started the call I became a little more confident as the time passed. The video was supposed to be no more than five minutes long, but I accidentaly made it eight.


When I called my grandfather on my moms phone he picked up right away. I got butterflies in my stomach. So I said the first question. “1 Why did you leave your country?” I thought his answer was pretty good. But when my grandfather said something I didn’t prefer for him to say I cringed. At the end of the eight minute video I was super satisfied. I thought the whole video turned out very good. And I gave a big thanks to my grandfather. I am going to be super excited to put the interview video into spark video.




Blog post number 2 – Spark Video



We make our interview into a video and then put our interview video into a website called Spark Video. Spark Video is a really cool and easy website to make slideshows and more. Before we put our interview video into Spark Video we did a practice video about Rube Goldberg. Which was one of our earlier projects. For our practice Rube Goldberg slideshow we were assigned to make a 10 slide video. We put in pictures and text. Mr. Casal showed us a lot we could do with Spark Video and I was excited to try it out.


Mr. Casal showed us voice recorder which I thought was something really cool that I wanted to use. In my first slide for my Rube Goldberg I wrote This is my Rube Goldberg slideshow for an intro. I kept on working on my slides putting pictures and text. Eventually Mr. Casal showed us something called a post. A post is basically a slide but you can explore and add much more. I made a post and put it in my 8th slide. I am really excited for my next Spark Video slideshow.

Writing the Immigrant Interview Questions – Interview #1


In 5th grade we do an immigrant project. We choose someone to do an interview on about. We choose 10 to 15 questions to ask our immigrant. The questions are immigrant related so that’s why we chose an immigrant. I chose to do 12 questions. There had to be at least 10 green light questions. A green light question is where the answer has to be a full sentence. A red light question is where the question is an only one word answer. I am going to interview my grandfather who immigrated from Hungary. For the interview I am going to call him.


I got a sheet of paper where some questions were. So I used some of the questions on the paper for my interview questions. This is a link to my Interview Questions.



Those were all of my questions that I am going to use for my interview. I am very excited for the interview. I wonder what he is going to answer.

Rube Goldberg #6 – Reflection

Our Rube Goldberg project so fun. My group and I had a great experience. We worked very hard and the hard work we put in payed off. We went through a lot of challenges like putting all of the dominos together to taping a cup onto a table and failing a ton of times. We took a lot of breaks to play xbox which was fun. It took a lot of time to get our whole Rube Goldberg building done. At first we started building in the attic but than we realized that we needed a table so we can put all of our materials on it.


After we accomplished the finished building my group was very relieved. At the start we had a lot of fails and it was very frustrating. But, buy our 16th time we succeeded! My group and I were super happy we never thought we were going to succeed. We made an imovie about our whole project showing going to the hardware store, our fails and successes and brainstorming. Our group and I had such a fun time with this project.

Rube Goldberg #5 – Our Success



Our Rube Goldberg was very frustrating because we had so many fails before our first success. Several times we dropped the basketball it bounced over the truck and didn’t hit the blocks. Since that kept on happening we moved the truck farther from the ramp. We used a stick each time to mark where the truck was so that if it failed we could move it, and if it worked we could keep it at the same place. Then, our next challenge was getting the cup just right so the ball would fall into it. The cup couldn’t be to high or too low it had to be just perfect so the ball would fall in. taping the tubes were also a challenge. We discovered when the tape was to tight there wasn’t enough air flow and the ball would get stuck.


We kept getting closer and closer and our last change was to move the toilet paper roll to the end of the ramp instead of infront of the goal. We weren’t really succeeding well at first but at last, we succeeded! My group and I were so happy and relieved.    


Rube Goldberg #4 – going to the the hardware store

After our second meeting we realized that we didn’t have the materials to successfully build our Rube Goldberg. So, we took a trip to the hardware store. There, we found some useful items like tubes, tape, rope, we found multiple tubes like styrofoam tubes and plastic tubes. We were happy what we found so we went back to my house to try them out.


The first time we tried using the materials we failed a bunch of times. We couldn’t figure out how to connect the tubes so that a ball would go through them. We also couldn’t figure out how to get the ball in the tube. By the end of the day we cut a whole in the cup and taped it to a tube, we had one more step. But we didn’t know what would happen after the ball went through the tube, and we weren’t one hundred percent sure that the ball would go into the cup, we realized that the cup had to be placed slightly under the table. We made progress but we only had half of the project done.

Rube Goldberg #3 – Meeting number two

After the first meeting, my group was very anxious to meet for a second time. Since we only accomplished two steps in our first meeting we had to do a lot in our second meeting. While we were working on the project I had an idea that the car should hit a cup. And then Reece said that there should be a ball inside the cup. So we made the idea that the ball would go into a tube.


We were getting a little bored so, we decided to take a break and play some xbox. After we finished the break we worked on the project a little bit more. We all decided for the last step that the ball coming from the tube should hit some little football figures that go into a soccer goal. After we finished we were super relieved. We didn’t even care that we haven’t even tried the Rube Goldberg out yet but, we were so happy.


Rube Goldberg #2 – first meeting

It was 4 days or so after I figured out who to work on for the Rube Goldberg project when my team met for the first time. My house didn’t have a lot of materials so it was hard to decide what to use for step 1. Finally, after some help from my mom we figured that shooting a basketball in a basketball hoop would be a good idea. After we accomplished step 1 we got stuck for a while. Finally, we agreed to use dominoes but, the problem was we didn’t have dominoes!


We got tired of working so we took a long break to play fortnite and golf. After the fun break we worked on the project a little bit more. We actually changed the step two the basketball hits a car that hits dominoes which we were going to get from Reece. And then after Eli and Reece both left I was excited for our next meeting.


Blog post number 1: Choosing teams

In 5th grade we do a Rube Goldberg project. A Rube Goldberg is a chain reaction that intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and over complicated fashion. In Heathcote a Rube Goldberg project is when 1 to 4 people design a Rube Goldberg machine. First, you have to design on your group. It was a tough decision, but we made it all work out. The kids I decided to work with for the Rube Goldberg project was Eli, and Reece. I thought that the group would have a great potential to build a successful Rube Goldberg machine.


Next, after we choose our teams we had to decide on whos house to the project work on. And finally after a long discussion we figured to work at my house because I have the most space to do the project.

Finally, after sorting out our teams we started to plan.


Kindness challenge blog post

The kindness challenge is when the teachers explain to the class different ways to be friendly to other people. One way to be kind from the kindness challenge that I succeed in was saying thank you to a carpool driver. Another act of kindness that I succeed in was holding the door open for a friend. These are both acts of kindness because they involve thinking about the feelings of another person and showing you appreciate them. I want to continue the kindness challenge by including other kids who may want to play with me at recess. I would do this by going up to them and ask them how are you, do you want to play with me? Over the weekend I plan to do some more acts of kindness.