Ranger In Time Escape From The Great Earthquake Essay

I enjoyed reading the book Ranger in Time Escape from the Great Earthquake by Kate Messner. In the beginning of this book, Lily feels like she has to be independent. She feels like this for lots of reasons. The first one is that she lives in the mission house with many other girls, that is because her mother and father sent her to Chinatown in San Francisco. Lily thinks that she can’t rely on anyone because she couldn’t rely on her parents. In the end of Ranger in Time Escape from the Great Earthquake, Lily learns that she can trust people, even if they are not always there.


In the book, there are three people that Lily came to trust. The first one is a dog named Ranger. Ranger came to Lily when Lily was in a collapsing building. He saved her. Then Lily started to get attached to him. She held onto his collar and walked with him. When Ranger got hurt, she wrapped his cut and took the box around his neck so it was easier for him to walk. Lily knew that Ranger was her friend, and I think that this is when she started to trust him.


Another one of the people who she came to rely on is May. May is a girl who lives in the same chinatown as Lily. May needed Lily’s help, and when the choice to stay safe with the group of people that  she was traveling with, or help May, Lily chose that she should help May. I think this shows that Lily already trusts May. After a long search that they went on to find May’s parents, May became like a sister to Lily, and I think that Lily trusts May as if they had known each other forever.


May has a little brother named Lee. Lee is also one of the three people Lily becomes friends with. Lee is the person that May needed Lily’s help to save. He was injured, and Lily lifted a shelf that splintered and cut her hands to save him. Lee broke his leg while he was stuck underneath the shelf that had fallen on him. Lily wanted to be a doctor, so when she realised that his leg was hurt, she wrapped it up and put a piece of wood in the cast to use it like a splint. Also whenever Lee cries out in pain, Lily feels like her heart might shatter. Which means she feels empathy for him. All of these things show that Lily and Lee are becoming friends and Lily can trust Lee.


After Lily helps May and Lee, she gets an offer to live with May and become part of the family. She accepted. But then to stay safe from the earthquake, she has to leave Ranger. Lily didn’t want to leave Ranger after she became his friend, but Ranger encourages her to go. She said goodbye, but then she realised that Ranger would be fine by himself. Lily learned that she can rely on people, and that it is okay to leave people because they will always be with you in some way. Lily got friends, family, and learned that it is okay to trust people.


I had just eaten at a korean restaurant with my family, and my uncle took me, my sister and my little cousins to a frozen yogurt shop. While we walked, I noticed the signs for the restuarants, then I looked at one that was a dark red. The sign reminded me of a dragon’s fire. I kept walking until I reached the store. Once everone decided on their flavor, we left the store. On our way back to the bakery where the rest of the family were waiting, I noticed that I couldn’t see anyone in my family anymore, I turned around but still saw no one. Then I heard a tiny voice say my name. I looked down to see that The oldest of my younger cousins, Bradley was standing at my feet. He was five years old, and we were lost together.” Are we lost?” He asked, I could hear the worry in his voice.

” Don’t worry, I’ll get us back.” I said to him, not trusting my own words. I held out my hand and he grabbed it. I started walking, as we walked I noticed the red sign that I saw before, ” I’ve seen that sign before!” I told to Bradley. He grabbed my hand even tighter, then I went in behind the sign and walked and walked until I saw a bakery, and through the wall that was a window, I saw my family. I ran to them, Bradley clutching my hand. I was so glad to be safe again.

What I Learned About The Growth Mindset

In class, we did an activity about your growth mindset. Your growth mindset is the part of your brain that encourages you to keep trying. You also have a fixed mindset, that is the part of your brain that is telling you that you’re not able to do things. I used to feel dicouraged about many things, but thinking about being able to do things like the growth mindset said, really helped. If you feel like something is impossible, you need to remember that struggling makes your brain grow and then you will learn more. You can do anything, as long as it is a SMART goal. SMART goals can show you if your goal is realistic or not. I used to think that there were just somethings that I couldn’t do, now I know that I can do what I thought I couldn’t, as long as it is realistic. Thinking negetive thoughts will only make things harder, so stay positive. Here is something to think about. Now that you know what your fixed mindset is, can you identify when you hear it, if you can then can you think a positive thought to make the fixed mindset voice go away?

The Zipline


“ I can’t do this.” I thought, looking into the bright blue sky, hoping that I could fly away. It was a nice day, and I was at a zipline course with my friends, on the fourth zipline. For all of the other ziplines, staff saw me and came to help. They helped by going down with me in their lap. My friends could all do the ziplines without any help. I wished I could be brave like them. I wanted to feel the wind on my face without staff carrying me along. 


Slowly I grabbed the zipline, and felt myself being pulled forward, then I pulled back and saw that I still had not left the platform I was on. I didn’t know if it was fear , or the fact I had never been here before. I hadn’t even gone on a zipline before. It could even be that I was afraid of how high up the ziplines were. One of these things was holding me back, not letting me go. It was like I was glued down to the floor. To distract myself from the fact that I couldn’t do it, I looked down, of course staff was coming to help me. I saw the gap of time that I had for doing the zipline close. I knew that if staff offered to take me down, I would say yes. Then thoughts overwhelmed me, and I knew that I wouldn’t go down this zipline.


“ Do you want me to help?” he asked me. He must have seen me waiting there for about ten minutes. I didn’t want to shout yes and draw unwanted attention to myself, so I nodded, a bit embarrassed. He climbed the pole I was on. He took the clip on his belt, and attached it to the line. I felt like I was millions of feet off the ground. I had developed a fear of being high, so I probably hadn’t made the best judgement. I waited, hoping this was all a dream, and when I would wake up, I would do a zipline all by myself. This thought was ended by staff saying, “ You ready?” Then, I knew it was not a dream. 


“ Yes.” I replied. He held me gently. I knew the drill. I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. Then I heard ZOOM! The wind blew against my warm, cozy cheeks. I didn’t think about how this felt good, of course it only felt good because it was nice out and I was a bit hot. I opened my eyes just a smidge. I wanted to shut them all over again! But I did see that the end was coming up. I prepared myself for getting off. I shut my eyes again and hoped I wouldn’t have to go on another zipline the rest of the course. I didn’t want to go through waiting for staff to get me and being embarrassed any more. I crossed my fingers, and wished  over and over. There was a thump and I knew we had made it to the end of the line. I unclipped myself. I was ready to continue the course, I was about to clip myself on the next area. Then, staff said, 


“ There is one more zipline, can you do it alone?” That is exactly what I feared to hear. I hesitated, I was afraid. I really didn’t want to fall, or get hurt. He probably noticed because he said, “ It is shorter, and lower to the ground. I thought about how I never could make it through one zipline, about how I so wanted to go through one alone. I wanted to feel the satisfaction that only doing it myself could give me. My response was,

“ Okay.” I suddenly wished I hadn’t said yes.Through the rest of the course, I had a million thoughts pounding inside my head. None of them said that I could do it. They all said things like “ You can’t do it. You are the only one who can’t do it.” Then after what seemed like hours later, but was probably five minutes I saw it. The last zipline lay before me. I stared at it, then I clipped myself onto the line. I remembered how Ella told me how she thought my courage was greater than hers, that I could do it. “ One more question,” I said,

“ Yes.” Dafna replied.”


“ How do you stop it?” I asked.


“ Just put your feet out.”  That is when the countdown in my head started. It was as real as a bomb about to go off.


“ Five, four, three, two, one.” I grabbed the zipline, Then shut my eyes as tightly as I could and lifted my feet into the air. I had finally been freed of what held me back. I was thrilled! My heart raced. The moment I started to soar through the air, I realized that the thing that held me back most wasn’t the things I thought it was, it was me not believing I could do it. My thoughts of not being able to do it, the thoughts of bad things happening were the forces that had held me back all along. Two seconds later, it was over. I put my feet out and felt a thump, I had made it to the end of the course.


 I thought about how I was afraid, and then realized how silly it was of me to have been afraid in the first place. I hadn’t hurt myself, or fallen. The feeling I had was me being proud of myself. The feeling of completing that zipline was one of the best feelings I had ever felt. The feeling of finally doing it. The feeling of breaking through what held me before. I was proud of myself, even though I knew everybody else could do it, the feeling of doing it myself is one of the best things that I could ever feel.

Piano classes!

Guess what? This Tuesday I had my first piano class! The teacher told me the notes and what fingers should tap each key. She told me that my thumb was finger one and my pointer finger was two and so on. At almost half way through the class she taught me my first song, it was twinkle twinkle. I was so happy to have learned my first song! I practiced it over and over after my teacher left. I stoped when I got tired. When my mom got home from getting my sister from club I couldn’t wait to show her or my sister so I showed them right away. When my dad got home from work I showed him too I was so excited so I decided to do my piano home work. Then I realized I didn’t have the right piano learning book!!! I told my mom so she texted my piano teacher to show her  what the correct book was.   After that I chose to do the piano home work that I did not need the book for. That home work was to list songs that I wanted to learn or my favorite songs I did that then I practiced twinkle twinkle the amount of times I had to which was four times. I can’t wait until my next class! For now Bye!!!


Guess what? This break I went to Paris with my family! It is a seven hour flight. I saw the Eiffel Tower it was so tall, I got a picture. I also went to the church called Notre Dame there are lots of stain glass windows. I went to a place with delicious food called Madiline 7. I went to a really nice place where we go on a boat and speakers say what things are as we pass them, there is a high deck and a low deck. Because it was raining we had to sit on the low deck even if we tried the top deck was closed off. When we got off we had lots of cool pictures of all the places we passed on are way. Also we bought a selfie stick to take selfies with. I had such a fun time until next time bye!

The Best Break Ever.

This Winter Break I went to a huge beach house with almost my entire family! There were three floors and ten bed rooms. Also there was a elevator. Me my sister and my cousin watched The Secret Life of Pets the movie. Outside of the movie room was a arcade with two computers and one game machine. There was one pool inside one pool outside and a hot tub. On the second floor there are all the bed rooms and in all the bed rooms was a TV. There was also one of the two kitchens. Up the stairs was another kitchen and a family room. I can’t wait until Winter break comes around again!

You Should Appreciate Your Doctor.




Doctors are the most helpful and smartest people in the world. They help you get better if you get sick. They help you stay healthy if you need it. Doctors give you an Epi pen if you have an allergie. Some of my friends have allergies they have Epi pens. They are always working in case you need them. I think doctors should be more appreciated by their patients like you and me.


They keep you healthy too. For instance they give you medicine or shots. All the time on my birthdays I need to get shots. They also check if you have the flu or even a cold. My sister once got sick so the doctor checked if she had a flu. The doctor tested if she had the flu or not turns out she didn’t. If you need glasses they give them to you. In fact I have many friends who have glasses.


Doctors help you heal you too. Like how sometimes they heal your broken bones. Like how one time my sister broke her arm she had to go to the doctor. The doctor came and gave her a x-ray. She had to get a cast so the doctor put one on her. When the doctor left she felt better already. If you do get a broken bone they will probably give you a cast or crutches. For example my sister has a friend who used to have crutches. They might also give you a xray. When my sister got her arm broken the doctor gave her a xray. That’s how she knew that she had a hairline fracture.


Doctors make you happier as well. One way that they do that is they ask you how your day was. Whenever I go to the doctor she always asks what subject at school I like the best. Or they might ask what you did after your school day was over. Doctors also might give you a treat at the end of your check up. For example a sticker. Also if  you’re scared like when you are getting a shot they will calm you down. Like how once I was afraid of getting a shot the doctor was so nice that she gave me a tool so that the shot wouldn’t hurt. Don’t you want doctors to be happy too? Make them happy the way they make you happy.


You might say that we shouldn’t appreciate doctors. Or doctors already get paid why do they need more? Although doctors like I said before make us happy! If you were a doctor you would want people to appreciate you wouldn’t you? Well if you do you should treat doctors that way. Think about the way you want to be treated.

You should appreciate your doctor. They keep you active. Doctors help you get better from wounds,cuts or even broken bones. They can also keep you physically fit. Doctors fill you with joy as well. So go thank your doctor today.

Hello world!

Hi I’m Carolyn. I am currently in third grade. My favorite color is pink. I love puppies! I like to read it is my favorite subject in school. My favorite food is cupcakes!!! I have a pet hamster. Her name is Cupcake. I have a sister too her name is Elle. My favorite holiday is my birthday. I like pizza and french fries. My sisters favorite color is blue. I am from South Korea. I am 8 years old right now. My favorite song is You belong With Me. I like to play the piano. I have four people in my family. My favorite shape is a heart. I really like cotton candy! My sister likes blue cotton candy but I pink cotton candy. My hamster is a small hamster. her cage is rainbow colored. I like to dance to songs and music. I want a dog that is brown. I can’t wait ’till I blog again.