Immigration #3- Spark video

At school my computer teacher showed me a new website to make a video/slideshow! It was called Spark! My computer teacher showed us how to use Spark, and then told us we were going to make a spark video about immigration. Spark is like a slide show that can have videos as well. Spark will be an easy way to show off what I learned about immigration from my research, and my interview. I am looking forward to using spark video.

Blog Post #2-Interview

This weekend I interviewed an immigrant. I asked her plenty of questions and she answered them all. Meanwhile I had the camera rolling. My dad taped me on a face time with the immigrant. This interview gave me plenty of information. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to interview an immigrant. This inspired me to learn more about the topic.

Immigration Project-1

This year my teacher assigned us an immigration project! We have to interview an immigrant, and create a spark video with the things we learn. But before we can interview an immigrant, we need 10-15 interview questions. 10 of them have to be open ended. Open ended questions are questions that aren’t one word answers, open ended questions should give the person your interviewing a chance to describe what happened in detail. These are some examples of open ended questions:

How was America better or worse than what you expected? Please explain.

How has your life changed since you came to the country?

On the other-hand, there are also closed questions or red light questions. These questions usually provide one word answers. Here are some examples:

How old were you when you left?

What is your full name? Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

Click here to see my interview questions

This should be a fun project!

Rube Goldberg #7 – Resources/Inspiration

Over the course of my Rube Goldberg, I had a lot of inspiration. Most were on you tube. My first piece of inspiration was on a you tube channel called Bearded Science Guy

The Bearded Science guy video I watched was about making a Gauss gun. This video was where I got my first Idea of doing a Gauss gun. This video clearly showed what you need, and how to make a Gauss gun.

The second video I watched was called the craziest trick shot ever! This introduced me to the cobra weave/stick bomb. This gave me the idea to do the stick bomb.

The third thing I watched was  how to  make a stick bomb/cobra weave. This accurately explained how to make the stick bomb.

The fourth and last video I watched was called Insane Stick Bomb Chain Reactions,(by Hevish 5  This video explained how to set off the cobra weave/ stick bomb with domino’s.

All of these videos helped me along the course of my Rube Goldberg,+ they were really fun videos to watch.

Rube Goldberg #6 – Success

All I needed now was a success… And I GOT ONE!!! After 100+ tries, I finally got a success! Almost everything went as planned, the only thing that didn’t was my domino split to activate my stick bomb. My Dad knocked the domino’s down with his feet and it still worked! My project still would of worked even if my Dad didn’t knock the domino’s down, anyways. Over the course of this project I learned that if you put your mind to something, and you give it your all there is a chance of success no matter how difficult it is.
Not only I got a success, My video worked well to. In my video I explained how my Rube Goldberg worked, my fails, my success and other ideas I had in mind, (that I didn’t use.) I ended my Rube Goldberg with 28 steps, 20 more steps then expected.

Rube Goldberg was a fun project that I will never forget. It is the only project that I ever done that requires building at you or your friends house. Rube Goldberg was a great project I wish I can do again.



Hope you liked my Rube Goldberg!!!

Rube Goldberg #5 – Starting to tape

After  completing my final steps, I placed cameras all around the house to tape my Rube Goldberg in action. I plan on using more than one camera because I can get all kinds of angels, plus if one camera runs out of battery, the other cameras will still get the video. From the beginning of taping, I have been making adjustments accordingly on what fails. There have been at least 8 things that didn’t work that I fixed and then they did work without having to replace the step. There also have been times that something that has always worked didn’t. At these times we didn’t do much about it but try again. If it doesn’t work twice in a row, that means it probably has to get fixed. A lot of taping is just trial and error.

I have taken at least fifty takes now, and my Rube Goldberg is so close to working. There have been times where the last domino fails or something really close to the end doesn’t work. At the beginning I wasn’t even getting past the first step-now I am getting close to the end every time. Without a doubt, I will get a success.

Rube Goldberg #4 – Gauss gun

A while after I finished my sixteenth step, I realized once again that something on my sketch wasn’t going as planned. On my sketch a lego was going to hit a key on a computer which says “Hey siri call home.” It turned out that the lego wasn’t strong enough to press the key. After some inspiration from you tube, I figured out what was strong enough to press the button. It was a gauss gun. The gauss gun is just a ramp with magnets and metal balls. Magnets are placed throughout the track with two or three metal balls behind it. What’s supposed to happen is that a metal ball will roll down the ramp and it will get sucked into the magnet, and the force from it getting sucked in will free the farthest marble from the magnets force. The farthest marbe from the magnet will come out with tremendous speed.

The last marble will shoot out and will fall into a funnel and the marble will hit the key on the computer. The only problem with this is that the last marble that came out had so much force, it would literally knock the funnel over. The solution to this was having a bigger marble at the end so it came out with less speed. The gauss gun wasn’t just a solution, it looked way cooler.

Now I am on step 24 and I hope that I can finish the remaining steps and get a success, when I film my Rube Goldberg.

Rube Goldberg #3 – Fixing Problems

After I finished my sketch, I started building more steps to my Rube Goldberg machine. At first I thought that it would be just as hard to build the next steps as it was before, but I was proven wrong. The sketch helped me know what materials I needed and where to place them. This helped me a ton on timing.The only problem was that some things that I built kept falling down, specifically the keva planks. The sketch only showed how I wanted the keva planks, it didn’t show if it was physically possible or not. I had to make some adjustments to my sketch so my Rube Goldberg was possible.

Another flaw in my plan was the dominos. It was very difficult to set them all up. In addition to that, I am planning  to use 1,000 of them. To solve this problem I put big spaces in between sections of dominos so once I set up one section I wouldn’t knock it over again. Eventually, I would put dominos in the gaps of the sections and hope that I don’t break them. So far I have built 16 steps, and I hope to build even more.  

Rube Goldberg #2 – Sketch

After my group met, I  started building more steps to my Rube Goldberg. I was on step ten in just a few days after my group left. That’s two more steps than what’s expected. Since my group only met once and we didn’t get much out of it, I started thinking about being in a group by myself. A few days later I told my group that I was going to leave their group and work by myself. After that I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I could get the credit for the work that I did. Since our teacher wanted everyone’s sketch next week, I decided to take a break from building and start drawing my sketch. My first sketch didn’t turn out so well. It had lines and bullet points going everywhere. I didn’t want my second draft looking like the first so I put my picture in the middle of the paper and put my notes on the sides. This was much neater and looked much better than my first sketch. I also got an idea for a future step from the draft. It was that a Lego is going to hit the enter key on a computer and that will play my dads voice, saying “Hey Siri Call Home.” There will be a phone nearby and it will call the house phone. So far everything has gone as planned and I hope to keep adding steps to the Rube Goldberg machine. My Sketch has 26 steps, and I hope I will be able to build all of the steps that I drew out.

Rube Goldberg #1 – Choosing Teams

Our teacher introduced us to a new project, making Rube Goldberg machines. Rube Goldberg machines are when something starts a complex chain reaction that does a simple everyday life task.

We started out by splitting ourselves up into groups, partners, or working alone that we wanted to build the Rube Goldberg machine with. My group including three classmates: Eli, Reece, and Chase.Next, we tried to make plans on when we were going to meet with each other. We decided to work with each other on Mondays and Fridays. After that we decided that the Rube Goldberg machine was going to be at my house because of all the building equipment that I have.

Our days that we were going to meet didn’t go as planned. One group member had to go to a sports event and other members had conflicts. Since we couldn’t meet I started working on the Rube Goldberg alone. I started by making a drawing of what I wanted my machine to look like, then I started building it. While I was building it I found that I couldn’t get to the top of the table from the ground. It took hours for me to figure out a solution. My solution was having a tennis ball make a wind-up car move which made another wind-up car move on top of the table. I was making progress. I was already on the 6th step before my group could even meet.

Then, on the Monday after the Rube Goldberg was assigned, my group came over to my house to work on the Rube Goldberg machine. The only problem was that my group didn’t want to work on the Rube Goldberg machine… they wanted to play on my Xbox and eat snacks!  After two hours of meeting, all we accomplished was one less step than I started with because one of my group members accidently knocked the pieces of a step down on his way out. I managed to fix it, but it took time.

I hope that in the future when my group meets we will be more productive.