Halloween at Heathcote

Rain. On Halloween it rained. Everyone thought Halloween was ruined but some people knew that rain would not stop them from having the best Halloween ever. Since it was raining, Heathcote schools principal Ms. Stile held the Halloween parade inside. The whole school gathered in the auditorium and she started. It went something like this: first the whole school sang the Pledge of Allegiance and then sang the national anthem after that, the music teacher Ms. Bescherer lead the school in the school song and a few other songs that Heathcote school sings at assemblies. After that, all the teachers came up to the stage. This year at Heathcote, the theme for the teachers costume was the Wizard of Oz. So once they were all up on the stage, they sang Over the Rainbow and the whole school sang along.  Then came the moment all of Heathcote school was waiting for, the parade. The kindergarten went first, the first grade went second and so on. According to Hana a member of class 5C “the parade was better inside. It was a lot more fun.” All the grades had really unique costumes and not on purpose, Mrs. Cooper and had the same costume. Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. 

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