keep running

In late September, class 5C took the mile run. It went something like this. First, every member of the class chose a partner and got a sheet of paper. Then, everyone went outside to the basketball court/field. A lot of people are really nervous about this extreme run. Since the class was in partnerships, these partners had to choose who was going first and who was going second. Was that was decided, the first set went to the start line. The gym teacher Mr. Borja started the timer. “123 GO” he screamed. And just like that, they were off. Every time someone hit the start Mr. Borja called out that time and the partner not running and they write it down. These amazing runners had to run 10 laps around the basketball court and black top. When the tenth lap was up, it was time to switch. As you can see, all the members of the mile run are exhausted. Hopefully, something like this will never occur again. 

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