Designing and Building Rocket #1

Designing and building our first rocket had its pros and cons. First was the designing.

We made an inspiration board to help us see what we needed to do. We had to make a nose cone, a body, and fins. We had to decide what shape the fins were going to be, what size body, and what shape nose cone. One of the cons of doing this is that we all have to agree on the stuff to put on the rocket. This is a project all about working together and communicating. The steps to building the rocket are first, we have to take a PVC pipe and wrap a piece of paper around it to make the body then use electrical tape to wrap the body in the colors we want and to make sure it stays secure.

Then, we had to decide on the shape of the fins. Hana and I wanted one shape and Mark and Asher had another idea so we had to come up with a fin that combined all of our ideas into one fin shape.

Then came the nose cone. We all cut out a circle and cut one line to the middle and folded it. It turns into a shape that looks like a party hat. Then, we had to attach the nose cone to the top of the rocket and the fins around the bottom. We did four fins. Our group name is the shooting stars and the colors of our rocket is red and yellow.