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Learning About Wood!

This week in tech we have been focusing on orthographic drawing and learning about different types of wood that are used for different types of instruments. One thing I learned about the guitar is that the sides of the guitar are made from two strips of rosewood, walnut, mahogany, maple or sycamore. I also learned that it takes a very long time to dry wood, it could take 2-3 years. But, it takes even longer to  season wood, this process could take 10-15 years!  I had no idea that it was so hard to find/make the perfect type of wood for a specific instrument. I learned that it actually is very important that you have the right type of wood in order for your instrument to make the right sound. I will update you soon on what we learn next in tech!


1st Blog Post

One thing I built before is a flashlight. I made it in 6th grade tech as one of my projects. We decided to make flashlights because we were trying to help kids in Taiwan who got stuck in a cave. I worked on my own for this project. I used PVC, glue, tape, saw, and wires to make the light. I sadly don’t have my flashlight anymore because I gave it to my sister and I don’t know where it is. I can’t wait for the upcoming technology quarter!

Solving Mysteries!

Hi guys,

Today in class we were given different cardboard boxes and when we turned the handle something happened inside of the box. Different things happened inside each box that made something on top of the box move. Sometimes the thing on top spun, sometimes it bounced up and down, and did many other cool things. Mr. Calvert gave us all a piece of paper and told us to draw whatever we thought was happening inside the box. We are going to be making our own mystery boxes soon and mine is going to spin! I’ll post soon!


Building flashlights!

Today in class we learned that we will be making flashlights! I am so excited to start building, but before we build we have to draw diagrams. We are drawing the diagrams in a 0.5in = 1in/1 box scale. We are drawing our diagram exactly how our flashlight will look. I can’t wait to start building our flashlights! I will post sooooooonnnn!



The self-driving car game!

Today in class we played the self-driving car game. It was really fun, I did it in 1 minute and 30 seconds! It was much harder than I expected. I loved making the switches and learning about circuits, it is very interesting. We set up/attach the switches the switches to the breadboard all by ourselves. I had so much fun playing the game and building all of my switches! I will post soon!



Over the past week we have been working on switches. It is really fun! We use tinfoil as the conductor and we make a switch that lets two parts of tinfoil touch and light up an LED light. Soon we will be playing a game where there are three different colored lights (green, red, and yellow) that will light up when you activate the switch. It is going to be so much fun! I’ll post soon 🙂


Solder people!!!

This week we have been working on solder people! At first I thought it was really scary, but after a while i got used to it. Now I love soldering! It is so much fun! To solder, first you have to put your pieces right where you want them. Then you habve to heat up the pieces with the soldering iron. Be careful, it’s hot! They you have to take the solder and touch it to the tip of the soldering iron. Put the soldering iron back, cool it with a wet sponge, and your done! I’ll post soon!


Self-driving Cars!

Today in technology we learned about self-driving cars. We learned that self-driving cars are very useful for people with disabilities such as blindness. I think that self-driving cars are definitely in our future. We also learned that even though self-driving cars seem safe they do have some problems. One problem is that cars and robots can’t make decisions that normal people could easily make. I’ll post soon!



Today in class we learned about atoms! We learned that atoms are made up of three parts, protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons have positive energy, neutrons are neutral, and electrons carry negative energy. In class we learned that if a grapefruit was the size of the earth, the atoms would only be the size of a blueberry! I found that really cool. I didn’t find learning about atoms really fun, but it is necessary to know when we start our first project. I’ll post soon!

– Chloe


Human Rights Day in Technology!

On human rights day we learned many things. In technology we had a special guest, her name was Alexandra Mor. She taught us all about ivory and how people kill elephants just to get that ivory. She has come up with a solution, her solution is to use a seed called a Tagua seed. The Tagua seed has very similar properties to ivory, and her theory is that we can replace ivory with that seed. I learned so much on human rights day and I can’t wait to continue the jewelry project she introduced to us!


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