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Self-driving Cars!

Today in technology we learned about self-driving cars. We learned that self-driving cars are very useful for people with disabilities such as blindness. I think that self-driving cars are definitely in our future. We also learned that even though self-driving cars seem safe they do have some problems. One problem is that cars and robots can’t make decisions that normal people could easily make. I’ll post soon!



Today in class we learned about atoms! We learned that atoms are made up of three parts, protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons have positive energy, neutrons are neutral, and electrons carry negative energy. In class we learned that if a grapefruit was the size of the earth, the atoms would only be the size of a blueberry! I found that really cool. I didn’t find learning about atoms really fun, but it is necessary to know when we start our first project. I’ll post soon!

– Chloe


Human Rights Day in Technology!

On human rights day we learned many things. In technology we had a special guest, her name was Alexandra Mor. She taught us all about ivory and how people kill elephants just to get that ivory. She has come up with a solution, her solution is to use a seed called a Tagua seed. The Tagua seed has very similar properties to ivory, and her theory is that we can replace ivory with that seed. I learned so much on human rights day and I can’t wait to continue the jewelry project she introduced to us!


Starting technology!

Hello! My name is Chloe Paquin and I am in 6th grade in fountain house. This quarter I have technology as my quarterly. In technology I will be posting about what we do and make. I am sorry I have not been posting a lot, I was very busy with starting 6th grade. Now I will be posting almost every week on what I learn in tech! I will post soon!

– Chloe

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