Capstone Blog post #3

 I just finished my capstone! It was a lot of hard work. I first wrote my script, that took a while because I needed to come up with a script that was informational but funny at the same time. That was pretty hard because I did not want to make it too funny but not too informational.


 After that I had to make my note cards. Making note cards was optional, but I did it because I knew it would help me and I did! On my note cards I just wrote bullet points on what I was going to say. It was really helpful!


Lastly we filmed the capstone!  It did not take a long time. It only took one try! What I did was I connected my computer to the tv and sat in front and said my script. I practiced my full video a lot of times before we filmed the video and the practice really paid off! 


Capstone was a great experience and I think it will be very helpful in my future! 


Make sure you watch my capstone!


Capstone Blog post #2

I recently conducted my capstone interview. I interviewed Jenna Golden who is spokesperson for Nike. I asked her about 10-15 questions that she was asked to answer. 


It was really hard to find someone to interview. It took about 3 weeks to find someone! But once I found someone I was really excited and happy.  After I found her I reached out to her asking to interview her. She told me that she would be happy to get interviewed. So we then scheduled a date and time and I asked her if I could record the interview.


The next thing I had to do was to do the interview. I had already came up with some questions a little while ago. The actual interview went really well, she answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed. 


I was really happy with the interview and It helped me alot!


Capstone blog post #1

The 5th grade recently started capstone! Capstone is when you pick a topic that you are interested in and then you come up with a question about that topic that you research. You then come up with sub questions that will help you research your main question. For my topic I choose the brand “ Nike”. My main question for Nike was “ how does Nike impact the environment and how do they address it?”. The whole process of picking my question was really hard because there were so many possibilities that I did not know which one to pick! Picking my sub questions was a little easier because  I had my main question already mapped out and so I just had to think about questions that would help me. 

We then got straight to researching and finding resources to use. This took a bit of time because you had to make sure it was the right document. By that I mean you had to read it through one to make sure it was the information you were looking for, you then had to read it again and take close notes on it so that you don’t forget the information  that you just read. 

Capstone has been really fun so far and I am really excited to do more!

Launch #2 Reflection

Launch 2 = Check! We made it, we had our second launch a few weeks ago and it went really well. Our rocket went 28.5 meters high our first launch and on our second launch it went 27.5 meters high. When we launched for the second time the rocket went a little lower, but it was okay. On our first launch the weather conditions were sunny and beautiful but launch 2 weather conditions were wet and windy. I think that the wind really affected the launch because most of the rockets went lower than they did on launch 1. After launch 1 we decided to change our nose cone because ours got damaged in launch 1. My  observation is that our goal was to launch higher than launch 1, but that did not work. We think the wind affected the launch because almost all the rockets went lower.


Blog Post #2

In class we are planting plants. This is week 2 .


Our controlled has grown very well. The tallest is 17cm and the shortest is 14cm. It has 16 flowers and no buds. The color is light green.


Our manipulated has not grown well at all. The tallest one is 4cm and the shortest one is ½ cm. It has 4 buds and the color is light green.


I think the controlled is perfect because we gave it everything it needs. And the manipulated came out like that because the rocks did not give the plant the water it needs so it did not grow.



Plant Blog Post 1

Our class is studying plants. We grew them in pods with 4 holes. I had 2 pods one was my manipulated which we would mess up and my other one was my controlled which had the perfect amount of everything. My group had a question, what will happen if we change the soil to rocks?My hypothesis was if I change the the soil to rocks than the root will not absorb the water because  since the rocks are so heavy the roots can’t go down all the way, and the water goes down to the bottom and normally the roots would suck up the water but the roots can’t go down.


Our control plant has everything it needs It has perfect water, light, air and food.


We manipulated the soil by changing it to rocks.


Controlled: On the first day they sprouted. The tallest was 2 cm and the smallest was ½ a cm. They were green and had 2 to 3 leaves per plant and had heart shaped leaves.

Manipulated: The tallest was 2 cm and the smallest was 1/2 cm. It had 2 leaves per plant and the leaves were heart shaped.


The controlled grew much better than the manipulated the manipulated grew down and the controlled grew very well and bloomed flowers but the manipulated does not have any buds or flowers.


I wonder how tall they will be!