Capstone #8

For the capstone project, keeping track of your research sources is really important. I used 16 sources and here are the links to all sources.


Tips for poker pros

Wsop cyyn bluff

Johnny Chan vs Eric Sidell

Rounders final hand

Poker After Dark

TED Talk: 3 Lessons on Decision Making From a Poker Champion





Poker Fever



Capstone #7

For my capstone I have done many practice presentations, but this week I have done two real presentations. I did one for second graders and the other in front of the camera for youtube. It was very nerve wracking. Even though I was nervous, I think I did well. One problem was I talked too fast. Even though I talked too fast, I talked clearly, didn’t miss any parts and remembered to switch the slide. From all my practice, I have my presentation memorized. Overall it went better than expected for me and I think I’m prepared for Friday’s presentation. I’m also a little nervous because I will be doing it for the parents. I am so excited with how my capstone came out. All of my hard work has paid off and I enjoyed learning more about poker.

Capsone #6

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on my script and Ted Talk. A Ted Talk is when you have three to six minutes to present your information on your topic and you can do any amount of slides. I did ten slides for my presentation. I could have done an ignite presentation, which has fifteen seconds per slide and there are twelve slides. That type of presentation has more rules so I didn’t decide to do it.

I have been working on memorizing my script and practicing speaking out loud. It was a lot easier than I thought, but it still took a lot of hard work. Also I just did a presentation that Ms.Boyer will post on youtube and I was happy that it went well. I have done my presentation many times and each time it gets easier. I also have been videotaping myself and doing it in front of a mirror. This way I can see how to improve. One thing I am change is that I am talking too fast which makes me harder to understand. I can fix this by calming down and taking a deep breathe. I think I talk fast when I am nervous. I think I have put in a lot of work and hopefully it will pay off for my presentation on Friday.

Capstone #5

My main inquiry question is “Is poker a game of luck or skill?” From my interviews and research it is clearly a game of skill. I found proof of this in multiple places. One place I found this was on an article about AI programs beating poker pros. By learning billions of hands, the AI programs can beat the pros. Another way to prove it’s a game of skill is by looking at a chart of repeat winners. Do you think these players won multiple times because of luck? My interviews also taught me that poker is a game of skill. Andy said if you play one hand, anyone can win, but if you play a million hands the winner is the more skilled player. I saw a few pros say it’s a game of skill on youtube. This all leads to the answer to my question. Poker is definitely a game of skill.

Capstone #4

I did my site visit with a dealer and player named Kim. I first thought I was going to do my site visit with a poker professor, but he didn’t answer. Then I found a dealer that is my dad’s friend and she said yes. I was not that nervous because I had already done my interview and it went well.

My site visit partly went as expected because I didn’t mess up  which I was really happy about. also I wasn’t really nervous wanted did it.  I think one of the reasons I wasn’t nervous because she was really nice and I really enjoyed it. Overall I think it went really well.


Today at science we did a three experiments. Our first experiment was we had to put the sugar in the baking oil our prediction was that it would dissolve but instead the sugar chunked up. That was a really fun experiment and I was surprised with the end result.


The second experiment that my group did was vinegar and colored sugar. My hypothesis for that was: if we mix the vinegar and the colored sugar then the colored sugar will dissolve and the vinegar will turn red. My hypothesis was correct the vinegar turned red and the sugar dissolved. In this experiment the vinegar was the solvent and the colored sugar was the solute.


The last experiment that my group did was water and colored sugar. My hypothesis for that was the sugar would dissolve and water would turn red. My hypothesis was partly correct the water turned red but only some of the sugar dissolved. I wonder if over time it would completely dissolve. In this experiment the water was the solvent and the colored sugar was the solute.

Capstone #3

If you didn’t know I am researching poker for my capstone. My dad is a poker player and he knows some great poker players, so he helped me find my interview. I asked a poker player named Andy Frankenberger. I was really happy when he said yes. I was also nervous because I thought I would mess up.

When I interviewed him I was surprised that I didn’t mess up. I was afraid that I was going to forget to say something or not speak clearly. Instead I remembered to ask all of the questions and I spoke clearly. He used a lot of complicated language, like GTO.  I talked to him for about 30 min and I got a lot of useful information out of it. One time when he answered a question he talked about another one of my questions. Overall I really enjoyed this interview and I thought it went well.


In the book refugee there are three parts for Joseph’s storie Hitler started with the power when the Nazi took over.  Then When Joseph got on the ship the jews had the power on the saint louis because they were leaving germany. Then Joseph had it during the bar mitzvah. And when they arrived to cuba the Cubans rejected them. After that the US had the power but rejected them. When four countries that split them up the country’s had the power. Finally the Nazi had it again after invading France.


For Isabelle Castro started with the power then the lost some during the attack. After that Isabelle got it when they escaped. The the storm got it and a little bit after that the tanker got it and almost killed them. When they got to the bahamas they had the power. The the sharks had the power. Finally the lifeguard got it.


For Mahmoud the war had the power. Then the smuggler after that the sea. Then finally Turkey. Overall there have been lots of power changes in this book.

Capstone #2

My main inquiry question is “Is poker a game of luck or skill?” I picked this question because I’ve always wondered if poker was more the player’s ability or luck. It also seems like something fun to study. Right now I think for a beginner it’s more luck, but for a pro it’s more skill. There were a few other questions I was considering researching, but decided not to do. One question was “How does poker compare to blackjack?”  Another one was “How do poker tournaments compare to cash games?” The last question I thought about doing was “What is the history of poker?” I am really excited to find the answer to the question I decided to do because I’ve been interested in poker for a long time and want to learn if it is more skill than luck.