Hello world


Hi I’m Chase and I like soccer, basketball, and dodge ball. I wish there was a league that I could sign up  for dodge ball, like how you can sign up for a league for baseball. I like soccer because you can really start to get aggressive and I don’t get in trouble (Depends what type of aggressive you use, and who you use it around).

My favorite animals are: Snow leopards, cheetahs, red tailed hawks, and every cat there is. I’m allergic so I can’t get one but I can still like them.

It would be really cool if humans could fly and dogs cost no money! I will be writing a lot about things that might be in the future and things I think of.

See you on my next post!


3 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. Dear Chase,
    I love soccer too. Once the other team was aggressive, but like the kind like violence like tripping our team, so they got a yellow card. I’m wondering why you like thinking about what can happen in the future. I think that you described what you think really well. I like cats too, but only the wild kind, like cheetahs, bobcats, leopards, and much more. Do you like any other types of birds beside the red tailed hawk? I would be psyched if someday we could make people fly! It would be really fun to fly over New York. I hope you can answer my questions.
    Sincerely, Edward Chen.

  2. Dear Chase,
    I really like to play basketball. It is my favorite sport to play. I don’t play soccer or dodge ball though. The other sport that I play is lacrosse. I wasn’t ever really into playing soccer or dodge ball. Have you ever tried to play lacrosse? I think that you should try. it is really fun.
    I also heard that you like leopards, hawks, cheetahs, and cats. My favorite animal is a dog. I have had one for my whole entire life! I also like leopards. That is my second favorite animal. Do you like dogs? I hope you will wright back.

    From, Lance

    1. Dear Lance,

      I do like dogs and I am glad you like basketball and I might be trying out for lacrosse this year. I think you should try playing soccer or dodge ball it could be an exiting experience for you. I also have a question for you I know your idea might change but, what do you see as a career for you.

      from, Chase

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