The important book about James Cook

                                      The important book about:

                                                       James Cook  


The important thing about James Cook is he sailed around the world twice, he circled the icy terrain known as Antarctica, and made three voyages.

His first voyage was in 1768 

Cook was a commander on an expedition to the south pacific.He was to sail scientists and sailors to explore planet Venus.(Not to like sail them to Venus just sail them to where they need to go to get there).

Cook’s second voyage was in 1772

in July, he sailed from England to the coast of West Africa.When He hit the tip of South Africa he continued South.As he was sailing he saw icebergs he tried to continue on with his journey but he was cornered by the ice so he couldn’t head any further South so he went North he spent a few months on the ocean and explored Tahiti,New Zealand, and Tonga.

Cook’s third voyage was in 1776.

He left England in front of two ships.They headed up the south coast of then sailed to the tip.He sailed to Hawaii Cook was amazed how well they could sail.                                                    Cook died because one of his ships was taken he tried to get it back but that was the end of his journey.He did all that, but the important thing about James Cook is that he sailed around the world twice.







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  1. Dear Chase,
    I never heard of James Cook, but he sounds like he was a very successful explorer! It is really mind-blowing that he circled Antartica. Today, only scientists can go there, and even they have trouble getting there! I can’t believe that he circled the world twice! I would never be able to do that, at least on a boat. How did he survive that?

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