Food web

                                                             Food web



An ecosystem is an area where living and nonliving things interact with each other. For example if there is an empty soda can and a  (alive) dog then the (nonliving) soda can is interacting with the (living) dog.


Producers- Producers produce food for themselves.

Consumers- Consumers eat the food.


Decomposers- Decomposers decompose organic material.  


Decomposers, Producers, and Consumers:

Decomposers play a very important part in our planet because they break things down, take leaves for example the earth would be covered in leaves if mushrooms didn’t decompose them.Producers are like grass, the sun grows it and then the grass is food.The consumers like owls eat lots of things from mice to snakes.  










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  1. Dear Chase,
    It is so interesting how a dog and a soda can can interact with each other. You have a great food web. I think you also did a great job describing decomposers, producers, and consumers. Did it think you spelled decomposers wrong too? It did for me and everyone I heard from. -Arielle

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