Breakout EDU

In Mr. Calvert technology we played breakout EDU and the safety goggles were in the box so we had to find numbers and words to crack the code and get the goggles. When we started we had 1/2 an hour and started looking for clues we were randomly walking around the room. Then eww gav e up and asked for a clue I was confused by what he said then i went back to looking acting like i knew what i was doing then my group finally found the one lock and then i saw a sighn that had a 1st in bold and it was red so I tried on the word combination first and it worked i got it! Then we found a paper and it was a maze thingy and so it went up left up right and that was the code to the last lock and we won. (It wasn’t a competition against the other team but no one cares we won.)

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