Scratch maze game

I made a maze game where you try to get to the end of the maze as quick as possible and you start out with a score of 10 and that’s just to see how many times you died.

my friends games were very good I think they did a very good job I liked how there mazes were very long and it seemed better then mine so good job.

Swift playground difficulties

Coding won’t always be easy and this is a great example when I was coding in swift there was so many codes like if and then but there were some that I didn’t understand so when I cross that bridge I will experiment with all sorts of blocks to see what they can do

Swift playgrounds

There was a fun challenge when there was no turn right I had to turn left three times it made it a little bit trickier but that doesn’t mean I can’t not over come obstacles. Overall it was a fun activity to complete.

Music video project

In computer tech we made a music video project where we got to put music in the background while an animated sprite woul dance to the music I liked this because I found too loops I liked and then I put one after the other and boom. I liked this project because I like music and have freedom with music

Code Stars

I watched the short film Code stars and really enjoyed it because it really now makes me want to code and now I realize what you can get from coding I really think you should watch it : Code Stars

making flash lights

In Mr. Calverts technology class we’re making flashlights and for now we’re on step 2. making blueprints, i’m making one that is operated like a gun the switch is where the trigger is and the light shines out of where the bullet would come out of.