Breakout EDU

In Mr. Calvert technology we played breakout EDU and the safety goggles were in the box so we had to find numbers and words to crack the code and get the goggles. When we started we had 1/2 an hour and started looking for clues we were randomly walking around the room. Then eww gav e up and asked for a clue I was confused by what he said then i went back to looking acting like i knew what i was doing then my group finally found the one lock and then i saw a sighn that had a 1st in bold and it was red so I tried on the word combination first and it worked i got it! Then we found a paper and it was a maze thingy and so it went up left up right and that was the code to the last lock and we won. (It wasn’t a competition against the other team but no one cares we won.)

4th Grade

When going into a new grade everything seems hard but the truth is you just need to get used to it. That is what happened to me. I get so much stress then realizing there are a bunch of easy strategies to use.

I thought that moving up a grade would be tough and it is until you get used to it. If your going into fourth grade then I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you but there are some very fun parts of fourth grade. I think fourth grade was a pretty fun grade considering a it was not my type of learning. I prefer learning about basketball. So that is what I think of fourth grade. (At Fox Meadow)

Zombie Ant Parasite Controls Its Victims Like A Puppeteer

Zombie Ant Parasite Controls Its Victims Like A Puppeteer


By Sowmya Kolluru on May 4, 2018

source Dogonews

Parasites are getting to ants and making them Zombies! The parasites are making the ants do what they want.

When the ants die the ant releases spores and it finds a new ant to start it all over.

Scientists are scanning the ants and making 3D images to see all the fungi in the ant. I think we should try to protect ants from turning into zombie ants. Parasites are getting into the ants brain and sending signals to its muscles telling it what to do.

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Current event-Easter and april fools day


Title:Watch Out For Easter Pranks-Sunday Is April fools’ Day

Source: Dogonews

Date: March 29, 2018

by:Meera Dolasia


Hooray it’s Easter and April fools day mixed.This might mean your chocolate egg you found might not be chocolate.But what if the eggs you just barley found have a cruel surprise in them.

So don’t just be sitting there, it’s not just Easter.


Burger king’s whopper toothpaste


Burger king now has created whopper toothpaste.”Really” you must be thinking but your right its just a prank.


Chegg Osmosis Learning pillow


If you put Cheggs learning pillow over your textbooks when you sleep “you’ll automatically learn all the facts you need to know for tomorrow’s test.”


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sports (personal essay)


By chase


Do sports matter in your life? Do you not enjoy sports? Or are you just not good at sports?or is it just that you CAN’T play them, (and the only when your done thatays that can happen is if your chained down or if your paralyzed) I think if you’ve never done a sport now would be a great opportunity for you to try sports.The reasons sports affect my life are that they’re my hobby, I would play way too much video games without them, and most of all because I don’t have to play alone.


Sports are my hobby because I enjoy them I play them a lot, and they’re fun. For example I went to a seventy sixers game earlier this year, and  I watched them beat the New York Knicks. I enjoyed it so much (when the third quarter was about to end) I had wished the game had just started.And once I was playing sports with Ravi,Michael, Max, Brody,Matthew, Sam, Peter, and Julius.We were running in the end zone and Max threw it to Brody ,but I knew it was gonna be an overthrow so I ran behind Brody and caught it hand behind my back. Also when my friend Jacob came over I kept on  saying lets play sports and he said “ I already played sports today,” What I should have said was you can never play too much sports but instead I said something less convincing “come on.”


I would play too much on electronics without them because they ‘re almost as fun as sports, they are both pretty important, and they both help me. They’re almost as fun as sports because I play  sports more than on electronics, for example once Jude said to me “ chase want to play wii and I said “no thanks” when my dad came home I played sports with him.They’re both important because if your lost you could use a gps to get home.And sports are important because it’s very good exercise and it’s  healthy for your body.They both help me because My mom could use an ELECTRONIC to get me to play SPORTS with my friends. So they also connect in ways. And the electronics get me to do something better, SPORTS.


I don’t have to play alone, because once me, Jude,my dad, and my mom went outside to play football. we were gonna play to thirty but then we played some more and ended up playing to 42.Jude and my dad barley won because me and my mom had already got 30.Also because in my recent basketball league we need to work together to win for example once Ravi was about to run out of of bounds when Creak bounce the ball landed into my hands and I shot.Also because my mom would give up her time for me because my mom once said “I would always give up my time for you.”My dad usually plays with me but he sometimes isn’t in the mood. Conclusion: Even though it’s important for you to know that sports are my hobby, I’d play too much on electronics without them, and I don’t have to play alone I want you to know that you shouldn’t give up when you first try you try something new, a new sport.

orange dwarf crocodiles may be evolving into a new species

Title: These fascinating orange dwarf crocodiles may be evolving into a new species.
source : dogo news
Article date: February 1,2018

In this article by Daksha Morjaria she explains how these orange dwarf crocodiles might be evolving into a new species.
In 2008 dr. Osisly he is an archaeologist who first discovered these species looking for african artifacts, but instead he stumbled upon this new species of crocodiles, but he wasn’t done yet two years later he returned with Oliver Testa and Matthew Shirley.They took a specimen outside and they saw a bright orange exterior.While the crocodiles external appearance, but then their DNA analysis was suggesting a new species. If more species evolve then there will be more animals, and more animals will stop out world from becoming animalless, this is really important to the world because, we’ll just think what a world would be like without animals no dogs no cats no nothing not even “mom Look a bird.” It would be tough.we did a flip grid and here’s the link

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Tweet: wow!! I didn’t even know animals could do that @dogonews #foxmeadowpride.


  With Mr. Deberry we learned:


Main idea or subtopic, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and problem and solution. We learned how reading non-fiction is different than fiction so we have to read in a different way.


In our reading lesson, my favorite part was creating slides and researching about our topics, because when we make the slides we got to add transitions and add pictures.And I liked researching because we got to find information on different websites.


My group was studying tornadoes, then, hurricanes. My group was Akif, Alex, Brody, Me, Emma, Jerry, Nathan, and Shannen. We had to work hard to finish. I felt all of our hard work paid off and at the end, there were about 8 or 9 hands up.

And I thought we did a good job.


When we were studying hurricanes my subtopic was hurricane safety.

When we were studying tornadoes my subtopic was tornado damage.


We did this thing called flipgrid, where we take a video of ourselves talking about a reflection on the unit. Here’s the link

Food web

                                                             Food web



An ecosystem is an area where living and nonliving things interact with each other. For example if there is an empty soda can and a  (alive) dog then the (nonliving) soda can is interacting with the (living) dog.


Producers- Producers produce food for themselves.

Consumers- Consumers eat the food.


Decomposers- Decomposers decompose organic material.  


Decomposers, Producers, and Consumers:

Decomposers play a very important part in our planet because they break things down, take leaves for example the earth would be covered in leaves if mushrooms didn’t decompose them.Producers are like grass, the sun grows it and then the grass is food.The consumers like owls eat lots of things from mice to snakes.  










The important book about James Cook

                                      The important book about:

                                                       James Cook  


The important thing about James Cook is he sailed around the world twice, he circled the icy terrain known as Antarctica, and made three voyages.

His first voyage was in 1768 

Cook was a commander on an expedition to the south pacific.He was to sail scientists and sailors to explore planet Venus.(Not to like sail them to Venus just sail them to where they need to go to get there).

Cook’s second voyage was in 1772

in July, he sailed from England to the coast of West Africa.When He hit the tip of South Africa he continued South.As he was sailing he saw icebergs he tried to continue on with his journey but he was cornered by the ice so he couldn’t head any further South so he went North he spent a few months on the ocean and explored Tahiti,New Zealand, and Tonga.

Cook’s third voyage was in 1776.

He left England in front of two ships.They headed up the south coast of then sailed to the tip.He sailed to Hawaii Cook was amazed how well they could sail.                                                    Cook died because one of his ships was taken he tried to get it back but that was the end of his journey.He did all that, but the important thing about James Cook is that he sailed around the world twice.







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Hello world


Hi I’m Chase and I like soccer, basketball, and dodge ball. I wish there was a league that I could sign up  for dodge ball, like how you can sign up for a league for baseball. I like soccer because you can really start to get aggressive and I don’t get in trouble (Depends what type of aggressive you use, and who you use it around).

My favorite animals are: Snow leopards, cheetahs, red tailed hawks, and every cat there is. I’m allergic so I can’t get one but I can still like them.

It would be really cool if humans could fly and dogs cost no money! I will be writing a lot about things that might be in the future and things I think of.

See you on my next post!