making flash lights

In Mr. Calverts technology class we’re making flashlights and for now we’re on step 2. making blueprints, i’m making one that is operated like a gun the switch is where the trigger is and the light shines out of where the bullet would come out of.

Soldering in mr calverts class

In mr calverts class we got to solder. And i chose to make a dollar sign because, why not. When it was time to solder i started the eight hundred degree weapon and started . It was a lot easier than i thought but in the end my wire had been 800 degrees and had spots on my wire .

atoms and bombs

In mr. Calvert sure 6th grade technology class we learned that to break an atom that would cause a nuclear explosion. Also in the center of an atom is a nucleus that sets off the explosion, So to all you scientists this is a great way of getting nuclear bombs.

Breakout EDU

In Mr. Calvert technology we played breakout EDU and the safety goggles were in the box so we had to find numbers and words to crack the code and get the goggles. When we started we had 1/2 an hour and started looking for clues we were randomly walking around the room. Then eww gav e up and asked for a clue I was confused by what he said then i went back to looking acting like i knew what i was doing then my group finally found the one lock and then i saw a sighn that had a 1st in bold and it was red so I tried on the word combination first and it worked i got it! Then we found a paper and it was a maze thingy and so it went up left up right and that was the code to the last lock and we won. (It wasn’t a competition against the other team but no one cares we won.)

4th Grade

When going into a new grade everything seems hard but the truth is you just need to get used to it. That is what happened to me. I get so much stress then realizing there are a bunch of easy strategies to use.

I thought that moving up a grade would be tough and it is until you get used to it. If your going into fourth grade then I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you but there are some very fun parts of fourth grade. I think fourth grade was a pretty fun grade considering a it was not my type of learning. I prefer learning about basketball. So that is what I think of fourth grade. (At Fox Meadow)

Zombie Ant Parasite Controls Its Victims Like A Puppeteer

Zombie Ant Parasite Controls Its Victims Like A Puppeteer


By Sowmya Kolluru on May 4, 2018

source Dogonews

Parasites are getting to ants and making them Zombies! The parasites are making the ants do what they want.

When the ants die the ant releases spores and it finds a new ant to start it all over.

Scientists are scanning the ants and making 3D images to see all the fungi in the ant. I think we should try to protect ants from turning into zombie ants. Parasites are getting into the ants brain and sending signals to its muscles telling it what to do.

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Current event-Easter and april fools day


Title:Watch Out For Easter Pranks-Sunday Is April fools’ Day

Source: Dogonews

Date: March 29, 2018

by:Meera Dolasia


Hooray it’s Easter and April fools day mixed.This might mean your chocolate egg you found might not be chocolate.But what if the eggs you just barley found have a cruel surprise in them.

So don’t just be sitting there, it’s not just Easter.


Burger king’s whopper toothpaste


Burger king now has created whopper toothpaste.”Really” you must be thinking but your right its just a prank.


Chegg Osmosis Learning pillow


If you put Cheggs learning pillow over your textbooks when you sleep “you’ll automatically learn all the facts you need to know for tomorrow’s test.”


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