orange dwarf crocodiles may be evolving into a new species

Title: These fascinating orange dwarf crocodiles may be evolving into a new species.
source : dogo news
Article date: February 1,2018

In this article by Daksha Morjaria she explains how these orange dwarf crocodiles might be evolving into a new species.
In 2008 dr. Osisly he is an archaeologist who first discovered these species looking for african artifacts, but instead he stumbled upon this new species of crocodiles, but he wasn’t done yet two years later he returned with Oliver Testa and Matthew Shirley.They took a specimen outside and they saw a bright orange exterior.While the crocodiles external appearance, but then their DNA analysis was suggesting a new species. If more species evolve then there will be more animals, and more animals will stop out world from becoming animalless, this is really important to the world because, we’ll just think what a world would be like without animals no dogs no cats no nothing not even “mom Look a bird.” It would be tough.we did a flip grid and here’s the link

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