Final Reflection of Rocketry

I really enjoyed this unit and this is my favorite unit I have ever done. I really liked it because I think it was an interesting topic. I also liked the process that we had throughout the unit.

Specifically the building process. I have always liked building stuff that I was interested in. This was one of them. I liked how we had to make decisions about how to make the rocket. It created a more creative environment to work in. I liked making decisions like what to make the fins out of, how many to make, a thick or skinny body, how big the body and nose cone should be, how much tape to put on the nose cone, and much more. I also liked thinking through how are decisions would benefit us and the process of thinking through it.

I also liked how there were teams so you could experience teamwork and it could be more fun. I liked how you worked together to do everything. I also really like how you chose your jobs during the launch. I thought it was really fun to launch the rocket and record the data to make improvements. I liked experiencing the actual launch itself.

I thought this unit was really fun overall and that it gave me a deep understanding of rockets. This was my favorite unit I have ever done and I really hope to do a unit like this again.

Designing and Building Rocket #3

When we designed our third rocket we went back to our old first design because we relized that it would do the best out of all our designs. The only changes we made was making our rocket a little bit smaller and everything ingeneral. We thought this would help so it can rise up quicker and faster in the air. We think this will make our rocket set a record of height interms of our group.

The design had parts like sturdy nose cone taped in electrical tape, sturdy skinny pipe body, sturdy cardboard fins and more. We want to keep the same design as the first one  except improve it a little to set a record for our group. This will be our final launch so we want to make it count. I think the sturdy nose cone, body and fins will play a huge role in our success. Simply because it balances out the weight of our rocket.

When we started to build our rocket we tried to make it very precise. We wanted the measurments to be exact for top of the line performance. Even one foot could make a difference for us. Who knows? It might be the foot that makes the record for our group. We made our nose cone just like the first time (as that nose cone fitted our slightly smaller design) and made the body a little bit smaller and exact and we hot glued on the slightly smaller cardboard fins than last time. I always have liked building what you thought of. So I enjoyed building it.

I think that we had really good teamwork during the design and build proccess and I really enjoyed designing and building our third rocket. I think overall our group did really well and I can’t wait until our next launch!


Launching/Graphing Rocket#2

We launched our second rocket on a monday. I was really excited for this to launch to happen! I thought the launches were the best part of the unit and so I was always looking forward to them.

 We switched up our jobs during the launch a little to get a different experience. Although my job stayed the same, I was still happy about it because I liked it. I thought we did a really good job working together and making decisions based on each others opinions. Before we launched we were kilometer readers for another team. That means that we had to measure how high their rocket went.

When we launched I pumped the air pressure to exactly fifty for our rocket to launch well. After the launch our rocket didn’t do close to as well as our rocket last launch but it still launched pretty well. We changed our nose cone a little bit to experiment and It looked like It didn’t work out. On our next design we will go back to our old nose cone design and make everything else a little better. We are going to make our body a little bit smaller and try to balance every thing out. I think this will benefit us because it can go higher in the air faster and this can create a higher total.

Overall I think our team did really well working together and I am very excited for launching our next rocket. A few adjustments here and there can make our rocket a lot better and that’s what we’ll try to do. If we work well together and stick to our plans while building we will do great. I hope we can and have a very successful launch!

Designing and building Rocket #2

When we designed our second rocket we kept pretty much everything the same except for making our measurements more precise, making our nose cone a little more sturdy and trying to make the slightest good changes to improve our rocket.

We were sort of a holiday squad because we used Halloween colors for our last rocket and for this rocket we used Christmas colors. I really like that we did that though. I thought it looked pretty cool. We tried to implement all the good ideas that we had into our design. We had a sturdy paper nose cone rapped in tape, we had a skinny pipe body, we had three fins made out of cardboard and much more.

While building this rocket we tried to be very precise and I think we built it very well. We made the rocket a little more sturdy overall including the nose cone. The nose cone plays a major part in the rocket so we really wanted to perfect that. We used paper for the nose cone rapped in tape and paper around our body. But for the fins we used cardboard. This played a major part in balancing out the rocket. All of this benefited us tremendously.

Overall I think we did really well working together and making decisions and hope we can continue that! I really enjoyed building and designing our rocket. I hope we are very successful again.

Launching/Graphing Rocket #1

We launched our rockets on a Friday and ours went 192 feet in the air! This was our first attempt at building and launching the homemade rocket. We were really proud of that. Overall our rocket did the best. Because of our weight distributed throughout the rocket we did really well. I think that was a huge factor in our success.

We had certain jobs while launching the rocket and we all did super well at each of them We worked really well together as a team and I think that benefit us tremendously. I was a kilometer reader at one point which was pretty cool. I got to measure how high the other teams rocket went. When we were launching I pumped the air pressure to the exact point it needed to launch. I got it exactly on the mark which was weird but cool.

My group partners had different jobs than me. one was counting down when to launch and another was pressing the button to launch the rocket. I remember seeing my rocket launch and go so high, higher than all the other rockets. I was so excited when I saw that happen and I thought “That was only our first launch and build! How did that happen!

Overall I thought our group did really well and I am very excited for our next build and launch!

Designing and Building Rocket #1

In our rocketry group we designed and built a rocket and as our first design began we made a sketch of what we thought was necessary. Strong supportive nose cone made with paper and electrical tape, using skinny pipe for body and much more. We used 3 fins and cardboard for the fins. we thought this would balance out the rocket more. Our rocket became very balanced because of this.

After about three or four days we started to build our rocket based on our design. We made everything how we planned it. We made a paper nose cone rapped in electrical tape for support and balance. We made cardboard long and skinny sturdy fins. We used a skinny pipe to make it more arrow dynamic and balanced out. It was very exciting for me to build the rocket because I like to craft and create stuff. We all worked together at building the rocket. I think this benefited us tremendously.

I think our group did really well collaborating. We compromised and agreed on a lot of things. In my  opinion we were a really good group. This is a huge part of why we were successful. I remember thinking “How are we going to build this thing? What are we going to use? Will it be hard to build?” Then we built it and it seemed so easy.

Overall I think we worked really well together as a group and that working well together was a huge part of our success! I really enjoyed designing and building our rocket!


I think rocketry has been okay so far, but I think it will be pretty fun when we get to building and launching the rocket. I have experienced making an inspiration board so far and so far it is my least favorite part. Printing out pictures and ideas that inspire us, gluing it setting it up. That’s not really my thing. But building is.

In our first rocket design as a group, I really liked the designed we came up with including three fins instead of four, making the body thin, and making the nose cone sturdy and not to slim. I think that our rocket will be very successful although I think we will make adjustments.

I have learned how a rocket can be successful. Some examples are, the body should be pretty skinny but sturdy, we should have a pretty acute angle fins, The nose cone should be sturdy and slim, and much more. Overall I really am looking forward to building the rocket and launching it.

Identity Bags and Maps Reflection

I thought the identity bags were a good experience. I learned many things about my classmates but nothing about my self. I learned who liked to cook, to bake, to do arts and crafts, and much more. I already knew that I loved basketball and the ravens e.t.c. But what I did not is that a group of people liked to bake or cook. I didn’t know that a group of people liked arts and crafts. I think this was a really great experience because when you know more about people you can bond with them.

In the identity maps I got to be creative with drawing and show people stuff about myself so I thought it was a good experience too. By looking at others maps I learned more things about them that they couldn’t represent from the identity bags. Overall I really liked this project and learned a lot from it.