Final Tynker Project

In my final Tynker Project I tried to make and astronaut say “I like science, what subject do you like” and then the audience would answer then I would say “that’s a good subject too” and then ask “what do you like about that subject” and then they answer then I say COOL!” It gave me trouble at first but then I eventually figured out how to make the audience respond to my questions. One of my favorite projects from my classmates is Dragon Wars.

Computer Science is Changing Everything

I think it is really cool that so much technology was invented since like, 20 years ago. In the next decade or so, if you go to a doctor because you are not feeling well, the doctor will tell you to spit in a cup and in an hour they can tell you what sickness you have. The colors, the details, and the movement of the fish in finding Memo all of those things are generated by computers.

Capstone Blog Post #3

I chose Adobe Spark for my Capstone project because I have done other projects with it. I’m familiar with Adobe Spark and I find it simple to use.

The part I enjoyed the most is when I got to read my script. I learned to take my time and not rush through it. Another part I really liked was getting the images for the video that matched my script. My favorite image is where it showed the stages of it sinking.

The part that was most challenging for me was thinking of my topic and my main inquiry question. At first, I was deciding between baseball, global warming, and the Titanic. At the beginning of the year I read about the Titanic and then I got really interested and wanted to learn more.

I am really looking forward to sharing my project because I put a lot of time and work into it and I am very proud of my work.